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Gee Bee Model Z Supersports replica FSX sp2 Accel. Winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy Dash, the Model Z, City of Springfield was designed developed by Bob Hall and built developed by Granville Brothers Aircraft Inc. of Springfield Massachusetts. Designed with FSDS3. 51 and fsdstweak developed by David Nunez using the sp2 accel sdk, with all the usual animations, clickable, levers switches, Vc shadows and Smooth 3d gauges DX10 compat, This is a native flightsim X aircaft and wont work in flight simulator 2004 installation and usage. Unzip to a temp folder and copy or move the GeeBeeModelZ folder to your fsx simobjects Airplanes folder copy the fxGeesmoke. fx to the fsx effects folder Flight Notes Taken with a pinch of salt which is preferably thrown over ones shoulder for luck. Place a fan
Show more... on monitor pointed at your face on full speed, get one of those oil burners wash out all traces of pot pourie, add caster oil (ask the missus first) grab one of her silk scarfs and yell CONTACT!!now that is as real as it gets. D GROUND HANDLING. The Gee Bee is equipped with a fixed tail skid and as such differential braking and the throttle are required for successful ground manoeuvering. TAKEOFF. Bear in mind the torque effect of the engine and prop and avoid abrupt throttle inputs. Rudder FULL Right (becomes active at above 20 kts), slowly increase throttle till about 1 2, light tap on brakes to keep lined up until speed gets above 20kts, wait for tail to rise then increase throttle to full whilst pulling back on stick in 1 smooth motion FLYING. The aircraft is fitted with a fixed pitch prop, so keep a close eye on Rpm when diving descending exceed 2550 rpm for more than 15 seconds may cause engine damage and a forced landing trim for speed and fuel use as needed LANDING. Keep your approaches semi-hot and flat until you develop a feel for this aircraft. Main gear first landings Airspeed about 130mph on approach 110mph finals drive main gear onto the deck and light tap on brakes till tail drops three point full stall landings Airspeed about 120mph on approach 100mph finals flare and hold 3 point altitude till speed washs off, if you bounce big throttle up slowly!and go around, If you bounce small dont chase bounce, keep stick were it is and wait it out. ) If ya grease it let me know how. D 1931 Aug 29-Sept 7, Cleveland race placings. Bendix 1. Jimmy Doolittle, Laird Super Solution (v. 223. 05 09h. 10m. 21s). 2. Harold Johnson, Lockheed Orion (v. 198. 82 10h. 14m. 22). 3. Beeler Blevins, Lockheed Orion (v. 188. 99 10h. 49m. 33s). 4. Ira Eaker, Lockheed Orion (v. 186. 07). 5. Art Goebel, Lockheed Vega (v. 171. 50). 6. James Hall, Lockheed Altair (v. 159. 17). Thompson 1. Lowell Bayles, Gee Bee Z (v. 236. 24). 2. Jimmie Wedell, Wedell-Williams 44 (v. 227. 99). 3. Dale Jackson, Laird Solution (v. 211. 18). 4. Robert Hall, Gee Bee Y (v. 201. 25). 5. Ira Eaker, Lockheed Altair (v. 192. 82). 6. Benny Howard, Howard Pete (v. 163. 57). 7. William Ong, Laird Speedwing (v. 153. 05). Notes. The older texure sets from the flight simulator 2004 ver wont work 100% with this conversion this was just a basic rebuild for me to see if I could come to grips with the new flightsim X code, sdk methods of building aircaft Im not sure if this will work in flightsim X standard and sp1 Disclaimer As with all my projects this is just a hobby and for enjoyment, none of the above would apply to the real thing or should be seen to be a representation of the real aircraft, lets call it stand off scale time waster. D Credits. 3D model and animations developed by Warwick Carter. Textures developed by Garry J. Smith, Rick Piper and Warwick Carter. Flight model Warwick Carter. startup smoke effect based on Milton Shupe Cranky howard effect Rick Piper for draging me kicking and screaming into the flightsim X world If it doesnt look right or work right then Its my fault. ) Have Fun Cheers Wozza AKA Warwick Carter aumavathotmail. com Donations can be sent via paypal ;) using the above email addy Show less...

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Gee Bee Model Z Supersports replica FSX sp2 Accel. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

strongking43rating: 10
July 1, 2011
This is a beautiful replica of the real version. It flies very smoothly and stable. I reccomend this to all who have access site. If could, would pay 7 dollars for experience Thank you making this.