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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Zeppelin NT V1 for FSX SP1 + SP2. (XP, Vista 32 und 64-Bit) Installation. Unzip Zeppelin NTFSX. zip. Copy or move Zeppelin NTFSX-folder completely in your FSx-directory under SimObjectsAirplanes. That s all. After loading in FSX. Set parking brakes first and read manual. Authors Model, Panel and Gauges. Thomas Roehl Airfiles. Joerg Hammes Lights and Effects. Stefan Medelnik Credits Michael B. Duerrschmitdt for flightsim X testing and creating some flightsim X related things. Freddy Hundertmark for his work on AI-traffic files (separate files). Licence Information This product is freeware and may be freely distributed as long as no payment is requested. It may only be distributed if the original zip file remains unchanged. Please send a short message to t. roehlatflightport. de for informat
Show more... ion. It must not be sold single or as part of a collection without our permission. It may only be uploaded to websites which are available without any cost. All contents of this archive are copyright 2009 created by the authors Thomas Roehl, Joerg Hammes and Stefan Medelnik. All rights are reserved and no part of the package may be duplicated without the expressed, written permission of the authors. Repaits may be distributed as freeware. you don t need to contact authors. This product is provided as is, without any express or implied warranty. No representation or warranty of any kind is made concerning the merchantability of this package or its fitness for any particular purpose. Neither FlighPort nor any persons or organisations involved in providing any part of this product will be liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from or connected with its use. June 2009 Thomas R hl Thomas t. roehlatflightport. de www. flightport. de Have fun! Show less...

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