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Fokker F27 Mk 500 Texture. Software (Texture) contained in this installation is the original work of Michel Shan. All rights are retained developed by the author under the international copyright law. This texture is provided as is without warranty or guarantee of any kind, express or implied. Use at your own risk. This texture is distributed as freeware. No fees are charged for the distribution or use. If you have been charged for this software, please inform the author (see below). You are granted a license to use this texture for personal use. You can freely redistribute it as long as this package is distributed as is without modification. None of the software contained in this installation package can be distributed independently or as part of another work or software without the expre
Show more... ss written permission of the author. Any distribution of this software must be made freely available to the public without restriction or fees of any kind. The package had contained in this installation includes a directory called basic textures. They are provided developed by the author only be used as a basis for the creation of this aircraft repainted. Repaints from these texture files can be freely distributed without permission. And agreement and distribution agreement Surclaro Michel Shan Beloeil P. Qu bec. Canada neottie2002atyahoo. ca Copyrigth Michel Shan 2011 Have a fun Show less...

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