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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FSX Grumman Tracker S2F Firebomber free v2. A complete update of the cockpit 2D, VC and performance. For use with a single screen and uniquely offers a 2D tripple screen 3840 x 1024 resolution cockpit display. Original aircraft design developed by Emmanuel Geffroy included. Update version 2 corrects the proper setting-up of gauges and replaces the earlier version GrummanS2FTTrackerFS XFreewareversion. zip. By Emile Lancee

Filesize: 23.60 MB | Added on: Apr 09, 2011 | Downloads: 2837

Users Reviews
FSX Grumman Tracker S2F Firebomber free v2. Rating: 8.29 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

1337077539-facebookrating: 8
September 14, 2012
Look forward to flying it
531871331-facebookrating: 10
September 11, 2012
thank u to the artist and painter
airdreamrating: 8
March 20, 2012
Excellent little plane, nice add on to the fleet
piwirating: 8
February 21, 2012
very nice plane, much better than the first version
travelerrating: 7
November 2, 2011
Plane handles well,flys approach at 120kias and first detent flaps,Beta prop nice,slows plane nicely,model has enough detail looks good, props inflight are well done.Plenty of power to climb quickly sounds good 160kias. All together a real nice airplane have.
Jallorating: 10
May 14, 2011
cool thing
chuckiii3rating: 7
May 1, 2011
Great little airplane