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Charlie Lake Floats Scenery. Pete Sids Viva Scenery Volume 4 Scenery Object Libraries. Im but a humble scenery artist, The scenery objects are as paint upon my pallet. My thanks and MAJOR gratitude to all the talented folks in the flightsim comunity who put thier valuable time into creating these objects. Big time hats off to ya. My sceneries require so many objects, Where to begin a list. Start with the P&S scenery objects and all the VOZ scenery objects plus the Military Ai works dont forget woodys scenery objects. Youll want the ez babes & aship_i. zip for the antique cars. From here just collect every scenery object you can find. My apologies for not keeping a more careful record of what I use when I use it. But when youre doing the creating, I find while placeing objects I get into a
Show more... flow of creation. EZ-library and Instant scenery are used in the making of my little projects. Hope Yall enjoy these sceneries. Paganred. Note this scenery, Charlie lake is just out side of Ft. St. John-B. C. CYXJ Show less...

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