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FS2004 FIAT C. R. 42. The Fiat C. R. 42 was a single-seat fighter biplane which served primarily in Italys Regia Aeronautica just before and during World War II. The aircraft was produced created by the Turin firm, and also served, in smaller numbers, with the air forces of Belgium, Sweden and Hungary. With more than 1, 800 built, it was the most widely produced Italian aircraft to take part in World War II. The Fiat C. R. 42 was the last of the Fiat biplane fighters to see combat and represented the epitome of the type. RAF Intelligence praised its exceptional manoeuvrability, further noting that the plane was immensely strong. The Fiat C. R. 42 made its combat debut with the Belgian Air Force, over Belgium on 10th May 1940. Complete aircraft, features the usual moving parts, such as all
Show more... flight controls. Many different liveries (Regia Aeronautica Belgian Air Force Swedish Air Force Hungarian Air Force). VC only. GMax Models and Skins created by Manuele Villa & Italianwings, Flight dynamics, Handling notes and Tutorials created by FSAviator, Sounds created by Tim Dement. It works also (Tested) in flight simulator X (NOT Acceleration). created by Manuele Villa MVG3D, January 2011. Show less...

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FS2004 FIAT C.R.42 Fiat a single-seat fighter biplane. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

purpleponcarating: 10
January 11, 2011
I seen this and had to try it sounds great flies great, make sure follow installation instructions you ll be fine enjoy one like do.