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Soul Pranas Runway lighting System V 2. 0. www. soulprana. com msfsrunwaylights. html Please visit the site to post comments or suggestions. Love to hear feedback! I am in the process of working on flightsim X lights.. more than likely you will be able to use the same files for fsx. flightsim X has alpha channel in them and fs2004 doesnt in the halo. bmp. Having tried many different runway taxiway lighting systems and never finding the one I feel that is closer to realism, I decided to create a near realistic runway lighting system for the fs2004 (fs2004) Microsoft Flight Simulator. With these lights, When approaching the runway and while on the ground, the lights will give almost a realistic feel to them. I am also including a weathered taxiway markings for your taxiways. I am not attachi
Show more... ng any runway taxiway surface texture files as there are many that are available online. Please always make a backup of your original should you need to revert to them. There is no noticeable frame rate loss at all with these changes. I hope you enjoy it. The changes to the lighting system: 1. Modified the graphics to add some illusion of depth. 2. Modified the amber color to near amber white for better visibility. 3. Runway taxiway lights creates ambient lighting, reflecting lights on the ground (the illusion of it). 4. Each lights have their light holder clearly visible from the aircraft, adding to a greater realism. 5. Modified the lights to make the illusion of atomspherics affecting the lights especially on approach. Try a zoom factor of. 75. Known issue: When flying inverted, the lights will appear inverted due to the way Microsoft flight simulator handles the texture file. Taxiway Markings Center-line 1. Taxiway center line and markings shows a weathered look to them. The texture file is included with the lighting package and it is optional for you to install. 2. Taxiway lines are clearer and sharper compared to the default taxiway line markings. Thank you, Joe. www. soulprana. com Show less...

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