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FSX Aerosoft F-16 RNLAF J-055 TIGERMEET 2010 (5)

Aerosoft F-16 RNLAF J-055 TIGERMEET 2010. livery by Ren Spaan. This is version 2. Credits: Aerosoft for their magnificent F-16 for flightsim X J-055 TIGERMEET 2010 livery by Ren Spaan Disclaimer: You need a legal, payware copy of the Aerosoft F-16 for flightsim X in order to use this repaint. This repaint will be uploaded at www. flightsim. com, www. avsim. com, www. simviation. com and www. Sim-Outhouse. com. No money may be made or earned from this repaint. Support: For questions or support regarding this repaint you can contact me at renespaanatgmail. com General information: This livery represents the current RNLAF 313 Sqn Tiger Tail J-055 F-16AM based at Volkel AB, The Netherlands. The tiger tail has been designed for the 2010 NATO Tiger Meet edition, hosted by the same squadron, at V
Show more... olkel. This is the final version (V2) and replaces my previous livery (F-16AMKLuNATOTigerM eet2010). The tail has been corrected as well as the aircraft serial number. Installation: 1) Unzip the downloaded zipfile and copy the Texture. KLuJ-055 folder to the Aerosoft F-16AM 120-9-370 folder in your Microsoft Flight Simulator X SimObjects Airplanes folder. 2) Now open the aircraft. cfg archive in the Aerosoft F-16AM 120-9-370 folder with a text editor. Copy the the text-lines below in this document and paste them in the aircraft livery part in the aircraft. cfg document. Replace the number in the [fltsim. XX]-line with the next number in sequence. Save the aircraft. cfg document. NOTE: Those who downloaded my previous Tiger Meet livery just have to perform step 1 of the installation (either remove the old folder first or overwrite the old with the new folder). [fltsim. XX] title Lockheed Martin F-16AM RNLAF 313 Sqn J-055 NTM2010 sim F-16 F100 CAT-III model KLU-2 panel sound texture KLuJ-055 kbchecklists F-16check kbreference F-16ref visualdamage 1 uimanufacturer Lockheed Martin uitype F-16AM uivariation RNLAF, J-055, 313 sqn, Volkel AFB, NATO Tiger Meet 2010 uityperole Single Engine Fighter Jet uicreatedby Aerosoft GmbH description F-16C Falcon is the Air Forces primary airspace intercepter, and multi-role strike fighter. atcheavy 0 atcid 0 atcairline RNLAF atcflightnumber J055 atcparkingtypes MILCOMBAT Thats it, enjoy Show less...

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July 6, 2011
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June 10, 2011
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good working
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February 25, 2011
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January 24, 2011