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Pradigm Air Operators Aardvark and AIG Boeing. variant repaints for AI traffic including representative charter FlightPlans. I have updated the 757 as it actually has Dallas Stars logos on the starboard side of the aircraft. zip dive for a screenshot. B752: Add to cfg: [fltsim. x] title AIG Boeing 757-200 Paradigm Air Ops sim aig752 model RR texture Paradigm Air Ops N757SS atcid N757SS atcairline uimanufacturer Alpha India uitype Boeing 757-200 uivariation Paradigm Air Ops Dallas Stars Texas Rangers description Alpha India Group Boeing 757-200 RR atcparkingtypes RAMP atcparkingcodes B722: Add to cfg: [fltsim. x] title AIA Boeing 727-200 Paradigm Air Ops Phoenix Coyotes sim aia727200 model norefl texture Paradigm Air Ops N698SS atcid N698SS atcairline uimanufacturer Aardvark uitype Boeing 7
Show more... 27-200 uivariation Paradigm Air Operators Phoenix Coyotes description Made by Aardvark. atcparkingtypes RAMP atcparkingcodes Billy Rutherford billyrutherfordatblu eyonder. co. uk Billy Rutherford billyrutherfordatblu eyonder. co. uk Show less...

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