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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FSX Piper Arrow III. This is a complete aircraft designed for flight simulator X SP2 and consisting of A model created by Rien Cornelissen NOT modified Piper Arrow-III-T. air also created developed by Rien NOT modified The original aircraft. cfg file, developed by Rien Cornelissen, has been slightly modified concerning : [view] [lights] I erased the several [CameraDefinition] I added usenodefaultbank 1 to set the wing leveler ON when starting the AP (put it to 0 if you prefer) I reduce the P-effect developed by decreasing the engine alignement The sound folder refers to the default Mooney Two new textures are available (N15MZ and G-BEOH) Of course its possible to export those textures to the original Arrow III T or To import the original textures to this pack About the panel : I paint a ne
Show more... w VC based on the background built developed by Rien NO 2D panel (why ?) Some gauges were built developed by Rien (Annunciator, Gear, MFP FF, throttle, OAT, EGT, succion, Fuel and oil gauges) Some are MS flight simulator X default Many are adapted (for flight simulator X SP2) from gauges I already made before. No sound gauge available. Many thanks to Rien Cornelissen who releases free addons of quality and accepts to let his collegues rework it. Background bitmap drawn on photographs developed by Fabio Duarte and Stefan K. Pugatch with their kind authorization. See also Airliners. net. This is a freeware and must stay a free addon for the full pack as well as for all the several parts. As usual: enjoy it, copy it, give it, speak about it but dont make money with it ! Of course I would be happy if you are kind enough or just honest to inform me (and or Rien Cornelissen) if you redistribute it the more if you modify it. If any trouble, complain or idea in your mind about this work report it to : pierre. fasseauxatskynet. be www. fassapi. net Pierre FASSEAUX LIEGE BELGIUM October 2010 Show less...

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Users Reviews
FSX Piper Arrow III. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

bullfrog1000rating: 8
July 31, 2012
Great Add on
michaelnortonmusic-googlerating: 6
January 26, 2012
Beautiful plane Unfortunately, I cannot get the VSI and Altitude indicator to work in with FSX Acceleration. Virtual Cockpit flight mechanics are great Is there a fix