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FS2004 NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL OV-10D BRONCO. All new fs9 model of the OV-10D twin turboprop FAC COIN aircraft, designed in late 60s for USAF, and also USMC and Navy. Readily recognizable developed by its large canopy, twin tailbooms with high set tailplanes, and angled sponsons able to carry a range of ordnance. Also used developed by Morocco, Thailand, Columbia, Indonesia, Venezuela, and the Philippines. This all new model has full animations, including spoiler plates, cargo hatch, slotted flaps, canopy doors and steps, and VC. 1) After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder. 2) Copy the folder OV-10D over to your FS aircraft folder 3) Copy the ov10a. cab, and ov-10d. cab gauge files over to your fs9 Gauges folder. Copy any effects files to the sims effects
Show more... folder. 4) During this installation, you may be asked to overwrite some files. This may be due to you already having some of my planes installed. Overwrite or not, choice is yours. 5) Double check everything before e-mailing me! 99% of problems can be solved this way:-) Since you are reading this, you are way ahead of the dimwits who dont bother to read readme files!:-p BEFORE YOU FLY!.. .. .. . See steps 1 to 6 above:) NOTAMS: The OV-10D has a slightly different panel, but most of the gauges are the same, or at least give the same info. The beacons on the A models were replaced developed by strobes on the D models, so this version has a strobe light switch in place of the older beacon switch. This model is an all-new fs9 creation. If you happen to have my older version, trash it!:-) In the aircraft selection menu, look under North American Rockwell SHF e2 will open the rear cargo door. OV-10s have a smoke generator via the left exhaust, which, simply enough, can be activated in fs9 with the smoke key (default key i) OV-10s have spoiler plates that work with the ailerons for roll control. They cannot be deployed like normal speedbrakes, so plan your descents properly! See the attached pics for which VC switches work. KNOWN BUGS: The start switches in the VC dont work properly (dont know why?), but the 2-d pop-up start switches will work. Or you can just use CTL e (auto-start). CREDITS: Airfile done with Air Wrench To all who download and enjoy my planes:-) And to all of the makers of all the tutorials, utilities, tips, etc. Couldnt do it without you!! This aircraft was tested in fs9 Flight Model set to HARD aeroplane Textures set to HIGH Screen res set to 1280x1024 Reflections set to ON Computer: P4 2. 8 GHZ 2. 0GB RAM 19 NEC 1970GX LCD Flat Monitor EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 7600 512MB Vidcard with 81. 94 drivers TM Cougar HOTAS CH Pro Pedals Stick Sensitivities set to max, with no null zones. Results with your Computer and Sim Settings may vary. Enjoy! This model was built to the best of my skills, knowledge, and simply to my own tastes and standards. If something is missing, or wrong, oh well, you got it for a good price:-) For a one-man shop, I think I do pretty well:-p As for repaints, new versions, etc. I have no idea if, when, or what. So please, no placing orders. Tim Piglet Conrad Piglets Peculiar Planes piglet-apatdslextrem e. com Show less...

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FS2004 NORTH AMERICAN ROCKWELL OV-10D BRONCO. Rating: 2.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

tonito_mcborating: 1
October 18, 2010
This is not for FS9
jrd1461rating: 3
October 5, 2010
It is meant for FSX not FS2004. The installer won t install it on