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FSX Maule M7 260C Muddy. FSX default repaint. Maules are rugged and simple. These traits, along with their short-takeoff-or-lan ding capability, make them popular among bush pilots. The Maule M-7-260C is a taildragger with spring-aluminum landing gear and a wide stance, suitable for taking off from and landing on rough, unprepared surfaces. Its 260-horsepower Lycoming engine provides power to transport up to five people at a relatively fast cruise speed. Ease of handling (with the usual caveats about landing taildraggers in a crosswind) and economical operation round out this planes sturdy virtues. The ski option adds to the 260Cs versatility. Enjoy Any questions or comments can be sent to danielwgraphicsatgma il. com This is freeware and is not intended to be used for any type of profit. Please consult the author before distribution of any kind.

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June 23, 2012
the best fsx aircraft for realistic flying available on net