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Real Air Simulations SF 260 Repaint. developed by Chris Brisland e-mail stormpupateagleskinn er. com Information: A fictional repaint fir the Nemeth EC120, just for fun.. . THIS SKIN IS FOR THE EC120pol VARIANT! The police one with the FLIR and NiteSun searchlight. This skin represents a fictional Flying Sherpa heli service baced at Lukla, Nepal. The idea is to have a chopper that is capable of transporting small teams from Lukla to the Everest base camp. Now as this is a small helicopter, you will soon realise its not for big teams of climbers and loads of freight. No this chopper is ideal as a rapid reaction chopper. Equipped with a BIG searchlight, you can search for downed helicopters and drop off an emergency team or casevac the odd emergency case down from the hill.

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fc_08413982068175484471rating: 7
September 24, 2010
nice texturee