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Bourn-EGSN 7nm West of Cambridge. (Not to be confused with Bourne Park-X2BP) Two asphalt runways 06 24 and 18 36. On departure climb straight ahead to 700ft AAL before proceeding on course. Bourn Radio 124. 350 NDB BOU 391. 5 (This is present in the 2006 Pooleys Guide but missing in the 2008 one but Ive decided to leave it in) INFORMATION FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION ONLY Note: This is designed to fit fsx generic scenery and will probably not match photo-realistic scenery especially as I have used some real landclass objects for part of airfield. Tree objects are more suited to Spring Summer rather than Autumn Winter operation. To Install I have used some custom-made objects so my previous methods up to vol. 10 wont do. Most of you probably use the following method anyway but in case not, unzip f
Show more... iles to a temporary folder if not already unzipped. Copy the archive BournEGSN into the addon Scenery folder. Now, in fsx working screen, press to reveal top menu bar. Select World then Scenery Library. Click on Add an Area, click addon Scenery, click archive required (in this case BournEGSN) then click OK. The chosen archive should now be at top of list. Use Move Down button to put it below addon Scenery and also below Static Objects Library if you happen to have it installed. Now click OK to install the new data base and when fsx window re-opens, hopefully you should see the new scenery. (Windows 7: If you are operating under Windows 7 see my Windows 7 ReadMe file. ) Remove from scenery library list and delete folder to uninstall. Alf Denham Show less...

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