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FSX SIPA 300. The SIPA 300 was a tandem two-seat ab-initio jet trainer first flown in September 4, 1954. It was powered created by a 350 lbst Turbomca Palas, as the Sipa 200. Provisions were made for the setting-up of a more powerful Turbomca Marbor II. Thank you for downloading this package, we hope youll enjoy it. Enjoy. Please do not hesitate to use elevator trim as required to fly the plane hands-off. The model is somewhat nose heavy at Take Off.. . please use nose up trim before or during Take Off run. Flying on virtual cockpit you can move the eyepoint as required for better vision (check your eyepoint keyboard on FS optionscontrolsassig nements for the keys required to move the eyepoint of view (left right up down back or forward). Please use A key to cycle views within a category and S to change category (check the quick reference key commands). Any comments and sugestions please write to: Capt. I. DAttomo mdattomattiscali. it Capt. G. Quai giovanni. quaiattin. it

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FSX SIPA 300 a tandem two-seat ab-initio jet trainer flown. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

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