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FS2004 HESA Iran 140. The HESA IrAn-140 or Iran-140 is a short-range twin-turboprop airliner based on the Antonov An-140 and built under license created by HESA of Iran. The Iran-140 is able to seat 52 passengers, land on a dirt airstrip and fly almost 3, 000 km (1, 865 miles) before refueling. It can be configured to carry passengers, cargo, or a combination of the two. Production As of 2008, HESA has a stated production capacity of 13 aircraft per year. Iran plans to design and manufacture upgraded Iran-140s for maritime patrol (Iran140-MP) and freighter duties (Iran140-T). [2] An additional 20 aircraft are to be manufactured in Iran for border patrol and surveillance. [citation needed] Overall, the Iranian government intends to manufacture 100 of these aircraft in different configuratio
Show more... ns over the next 89 years. Incidents A IrAn-140 on a training flight crashed on February 15, 2009 near Isfahan Shahin Shahr-Hesa Air Base (IFH) on landing approach with 5 fatalities. Civil operators Iran Safiran Airlines In August 2006 a total of 3 IrAn-140 aircraft are in airline service, with a further 3 firm orders. Iran Air Tours. Antonov An-140 Odessa Airlines FS2002 Twin engines turboprop of KB Antonov GMax-model, full animation, all lights, open doors, turboprop airdynamic. Autor Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. Open left door Shift+E 1 Open right door Shift+E 2 Panel and sound will be created later and place on site fscargo. narod. ru. Perfomance: Engines 2xPW127A (22750 hp) Crew 3 persons Passenger capacity 52 persons Maximum takeoff weight 19000 kg Maximum payload 6000 kg Maximum fuel load weight (q 775 kg m3) Maximum cruising speed 537 km h Freeware, use of the given model and its parts It is forbidden for commercial use. All rights belong to the author, repaint only from the sanction of the author. Forbid accomodation in network and on CD without the sanction of author Contact me: I am Student of Doctor of Medicine Veterinarian in Shahrekord University, faculty of Veterinarian. Via Mail: Mhkhoyfsatyahoo. com Just SMA:+989139807756 Khoy Village, Shahrekord, Iran Sunday, March 07, 2010 Mohamad Heidari Khoei Show less...

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