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Small Airstrip Objects SS V1+ flightsim 2004 scenery objects by Sidney Schwartz sidney. schwartzatcomcast. net V1+ adds specific compatibility with RWY12, ADE9X, and Sbuilder 2. 05. If you have already installed the previous version of this library and are NOT using one of these softwares to place scenery objects, you do not need to download and install V1+. V1+ also includes the updated textures from SSTexturesupdate2. zip. Installing V1+ should not affect any scenery made using objects from V1. Most of these objects were suggested by Rob de Vries in the Netherlands, who also provided me with many useful photos on which to base the designs. My thanks to Rob. Objects include: Runway end and side markers in a variety of materials and colors. Ground markings of various kinds, including a com
Show more... pass rose, runway & airport closed indicators, and general aviation parking guides. Animated wind T, tetrahedron, and wind sock (wind sock by Jrg Dannenberg). Segmented circles in two styles and colors, with runway and pattern indicators. (For information on how to use segmented circles, see enclosed FAA document circles. pdf. ) Weathered asphalt and concrete surfaces. Most of the objects come in new and weathered versions. In addition, the segmented circles and wind indicators come with and without night lighting. These are standard flightsim 2004 scenery objects and can be placed using Instant Scenery or other softwares that are able to use flightsim 2004 scenery libraries. Show less...

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