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FS2004 FSX Yak 3-M-82 warbird. The yak-3 and its derivates had a very long service life and many were used after the end of WW2. In an attempt to increase performance while avoiding the overheating problems of the VK-107 and VK-108 liquid cooled engine variants, the single Yak-3M-82 was built, fitted with the Shvetsov M-82 two-row fourteen cylinder radial engine, used on the La-5 fighter, and first flown in May 1945. Performance was very good and the aircraft was extremely agile, but with jet fighters coming on line, there was no push to develop the concept further, and the project was abandoned in October 1945. The prototype reached 682 km h (424 mph) at 6, 000 m (19, 685 ft) and contributed directly to the Yak-11. GMAX model developed by A. F. Scrub.

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