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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FSX SHUTTLE GALILEO II STAR TREK VERSION 1. 0. From Star Trek-The Original Series, comes the Shuttlecraft Galileo NCC-1701 7. Able of reduced and extremely high speeds, it can land on almost any place. Fully animated, equiped with passenger door, front shield and service area door. 6 extra camera positions. Virtual Cockpit. Top high speed (up to MACh 4. 6). High resolution graphics. Full pack with non standard gauges. Tested on fsx SP1. Visit: http: www. youtube. com watch?v ylWt8PyH4A RICARDOPJR ricardopjratlive. com

Filesize: 30.54 MB | Added on: Dec 31, 2009 | Downloads: 5876

Users Reviews
FSX SHUTTLE GALILEO II STAR TREK VERSION 1.0. Rating: 9.73 of 10 over a total of 11 reviews.

yukon62569rating: 10
November 8, 2012
muse_1rating: 10
April 20, 2012
Very good Keep up the great work
tararating: 8
October 2, 2011
Extremely powerful good plane
liskat999rating: 10
June 20, 2011
Very, very good
loljbrating: 10
June 10, 2011
fc_rating: 10
February 9, 2011
Pure awesomeness This is the best futuristic download I ve ever gotten. It has closest to virtical takeoff. You can land on a helipad, you fly completely straight up from 0 feet 120,000 before stall, water, hover once re in air , and any place want to. Extremely powerful speedbrake flaps. Really sensitive but not too much. Good vc that get space without slew, like FCB 9o9 uses only thing would be nice some afterburner effects. Really, this If car forgot mention rudder driving boat, an airplane, jet, helicopter, spaceship all one, this. s rated 1000
100000538210885-facebookrating: 9
December 3, 2010
good work keep it up
joerbrannrating: 10
June 1, 2010
johne11rating: 10
May 30, 2010
Nice, Looks like the Space Shuttle Simulator in Real Life. Good Job man.
valtsu9797rating: 10
April 30, 2010
look so cool
michaelmagdymitryrating: 10
March 31, 2010
i love this desin