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FSX flights for the Space Shuttle Atlantis. First you can perform a launch from Cape Canaveral Florida. Your Shuttle, standing at the launch tower, is prepared for the lift off (atlantis-1. zip from Bruce Fitzgerald required). You can watch the spectacle as commander through the window from the cockpit or as spotter from external view. After leaving the stratosphere you can release the boosters and the external tank. Now take control of the shuttle. The second flight is in the orbit in upside down position. Now the blue planet is above your head. Bring out the satellite. Flights from Erwin Welker.

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FSX flights Space Shuttle Atlantis. Rating: 5.86 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

100004431156842-facebookrating: 10
May 17, 2014
wow22rating: 1
February 21, 2012
well I click download and it does not start
fc_rating: 1
February 13, 2011
It s so sad looks exciting, but it just doesn t want to work for me. I ve still only got one mission working properly out of the somewhere around 10 missions that downloaded. wish could get working. found files, and followed readme, also put folder into which didn say do But really would work, because m tired having take off from a runway
fc_17912019328282616291rating: 2
February 1, 2011
Major bug in the first screenshot. The shuttle is currently rotated 90 degrees to right and shouldn t be like that. Compare it with a real photo from this angle. can seen top angle at launchpad. Also very small compared launchpad, should bigger, tip of external tank touching fuel cap on launch tower.
fc_16285083149929918205rating: 8
June 28, 2010
erycklegarating: 9
June 7, 2010
wow, lets try it..
Vettghernrating: 10
March 16, 2010