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FSX General Aviation Aeroworks ARX-5X Coyote Version 2 The ARX-5X (Concept 5) is a single-seat unlimited category aerobatic aircraft built around the 495c. i. 600hp Trace-Orenda OE600 V-8 aircraft engine and designed specifically for freestyle airshow type aerobatics. Version 2 has a totally new airfile and flight dynamics and the plane can easily handle compulsory competition maneuvers as well as more advanced gyroscopic maneuvers such as lomcovaks and tumbles. The ARX-5X cruises around 200kts, with a never-exceed speed of 240kts. This FSX native model contains animations, reflections, environment mapping, spec mapping and a full dynamic virutal cockpit. Although it is not a real aircraft it does have several real-world components such as the Chelton Fligh Systems EAU (engine airdata unit
Show more... ) display, and a Hartzell scimitar swept blade propeller. This release is not a quick & dirty update simply ported into FSX, it is a full FSX rebuild by the original authors, compiled with XtoMDL and conforming the FSX SDK using dds textures and new modeling techniques for the best overall end-user performance. Includes 2 configs, 7 models, and 20 schemes with a tailored smoke system and night time pyrotechnic effects. Aircraft, effects, and panel by Jason L. Terry and Mike VIvaldi. Aditional Skins by Brady Duros and Joshua B. Nyhus. Show less...

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Users Reviews
FSX General Aviation Aeroworks ARX-5X Coyote Version 2. Rating: 9.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

Denny1945rating: 10
November 3, 2010
Pure, unadulterated FUN. If you have any kids at home, besides yourself, of course, may to ration out PC time. Denny1945
terrydwyerrating: 10
October 12, 2010
Wish I could get my hands on something like this in the real world. Terrific
pfuchs31rating: 9
June 13, 2010