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FSX Mission Amazonas Air. "Its raining again", said Martha as she called Tom for the third time over the radio. Thomas Ascara, chief pilot of "Amazonas Air" was to land in a few minutes. He was returning from his day-long flight over the great southern Amazon Basin where his little Air Service flew day in and day out. Flying in this territory is quite a challange for rain and fog usually is the common day to day situation for at least nine months a year. The Amazon weather never stops delivering more water to the great river and life to the inmense jungle, which sadly, is deminishing by the hour. Amazonas Air has grown a lot from its original state in 1934 when Toms grandfather started with his lonesome pontooned Fairchild. There are three pilots waiting outside for Tom to land, for a new
Show more... pilot is needed to fly daily supplies, mail and passengers to many towns along the river. You there! The second one with the stand up hair.. . yea you.. . might you be the next pilot? Feeling his way above the mighty river? Will you stand the pressure of jungle flight? Maybe.. . maybe not, but this is your chance to fly in the Green Jungle of the Amazon.. . By Gera Godoy Canova. Show less...

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erycklegarating: 8
June 7, 2010
good job, thanks..