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FSX LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16 Fighting Falcon (VIPER). by Kirk Olsson adapted to use in FSX by Danny Garnier. This is Kirk Olssons superb VIPERDEN F-16 with most gauges replaced to it can be used in FSX. Now you have a working Virtual clight deck (VC) and 2d panel. Please approve gauges when asked. All incompatible gauges replaced with FSX XML gauges. Updates by Danny Garnier, Bourbon-Lancy, France. Complete aircraft with panel inclouding working radar shows vAI traffic, panel VC, drag chute, and realistic F-16 sound. This package includes anything whats needed to fly this aircraft in flightsimulator. F-16A MLU M4 Fighting Falcon of the Royal Danish Air Force. The MLU M4 updates introduces a software tape enabling the aircraft to carry and deliver the latest air to ground munitions like the JDA
Show more... M. In addition to the already advanced and highly capable AIM-120 AMRAAM, the super agile IRIS-T short range air-to-air missile has been introduced, replacing the AIM-9L Sidewinder. The Pantera targeting pod makes a new dimension in Air to Ground missions used together with the new HMCS (Helmet Mounted Cueing System). The Pylon Integrated Dispenser System has the ALQ-162 ECM pod built-in and complements ALQ-131 ECM pod, carried on the centre line. PIDS also enables carriage of more chaff, housed in the pylon. This model includes special modifications to the basic F-16 like the drag chute compartment, night interception search light and a typical weapon loadout of AMRAAMs, IRIS-Ts, GBU-12s, PIDS and ALQ-131. The VC has been rebuild for better refresh rate. Reworked flight dynamics and new AB, vapor and exhaust smoke effects finish the package. Aircraft model by: Kirk Olsson. Repaint: Claus Vendelboe Holmberg. Show less...

Filesize: 79.33 MB | Added on: May 03, 2009 | Downloads: 5107 | Total Votes: 4 | Overall Rating: 6.50

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FSX LOCKHEED MARTIN F-16 Fighting Falcon VIPER. Rating: 6.50 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

somdechrating: 10
December 13, 2011
king airplan
volumeexrating: 5
January 23, 2010
htw9rating: 1
January 20, 2010
SOB I wanted the FSX version but it downloads as a FS9 version with no instructions for FSX Who is all fault
vanessarating: 10
January 19, 2010