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EC-505 TIGER UHT for FSX. The UHT (from Untersttzungshubschr auber Tiger; Ger. supporting helicopter Tiger) is a medium-weight multi-role fire support helicopter built for the Bundeswehr (German Army). The Tiger UHT is a multi-role fire support helicopter. The Trigat Fire and Forget missiles and or the Hot missiles it carries offer anti-tank capability, while 68-mm rockets ensure air-to-ground fire support. A 12. 7 mm air-to-air gun pod and air-to-air Stinger missiles can also be installed. The helicopter also features a mast-mounted sight with a second-generation IRCCD infrared channel and a TV channel, as well as a nose-mounted IRCCD control FLIR for the pilot. Countermeasures include radar laser missiles launch missile approach warning receivers and decoy launchers. Demo version of payware product

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100003162073864-facebookrating: 9
December 24, 2011
This heli always interested me. good job