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In this version I changed the textures for the msfs default Atlantis shuttle to Endeavour textures. I chose an early morning launch window, and a NE trajectory, to allow for a more precise alignment with the International Space Stations orbital plane.. . which resulted in a RInc (Inclination of the shuttles orbital plane relative to the ISS orbital plane), at main engine cutt-off, of 0. 48 degrees. As a result, exclusively a little (-) normal burn at the ascending node was required to zero out the RInc.. . I added some new static camera angles to view Endeavour as It races past the camera position.. . As in shuttlev2, this video features a complete flight (from launch to meco). .. (audio included). Credits To Dr. Martin Schweiger for the absolutely brilliant " Orbiter simulation".. . Also to jlfdiaz_at_ono. com for the "Endeavour textures" download. Thanks for watching!. Matt Fuller

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