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FSX K2 Base Camps, Pakistan (K2B1, K2B2, K2B3 and K2B4) This bundle includes 4 base camps near K2 (K2B1, K2B2, K2B3 and K2B4). K2B1 (Pajyu Peak Base Camp) is the lowest camp (~3400m) on the end of the Baltoro Glacier in a wooden area with trees. It consists of one temporary little gravel runway with stone marks. K2B2 is the base camp on the Concordia Place (~4600m). Maybe you can approach with ski-airplanes on the snow field. K2B2 consists also of one temporary helipad. K2B2 is the biggest camp on the glacier. K2B3 is the base camp (~4960m) nearest the K2. It is build on an ice gravel field and has one temporary gravel ice runway with stone marks. Its too high for normal helicopters or ski-planes, but maybe possible. K2B4 is the Moonhill Camp (~5070m) on the way to the Gondogoro. It is not
Show more... real possible to approach on the snow field. In the internet you will find picture realistic scenery for the K2, Broad Peak and other mountains near the K2. Also use the added airports OPSDPakistanK2. zip and VI57KashmirK2. zip to do a realistic flight to the K2. Additional you will find in the K2-package all places in the map. jpg or Google Earth file. Made with ADE 1. 37 Design by Bernhard W. Show less...

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