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FS2004 Project BN AI (Traffic of warships of the Brazilian Navy) Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. Version 1. 0 It squares of the Brazilian navy for development of traffics AI. Available Warships: Ship Patrols Classe Graja Grajau P 40 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Guapore P 45 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Gurupa P 46 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Gurupi P 47 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Guanabara P 48 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Guaruja P 49 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Guaratuba P 50 Ship Patrols Classe Graja Gravatai P 51 Corvette Classe Inhama Inhauma V 30 Corvette Classe Inhama Jaceguai V 31 Corvette Classe Inhama Jlio of Noronha V 32 Corvette Classe Inhama Frontin V 33 Corvette Classe Inhama Clayish V 34 Frigate Classe Broadsword Greenhalgh F 46 Frigate Classe Broadsword Dodsworth F 47 Frigate Classe Broadsword B
Show more... osisio F 48 Frigate Classe Broadsword Rademaker F 49 Submarine Class Tupi IKL 209 Tupi S 30 Submarine Class Tupi IKL 209 Tamoio S 31 Submarine Class Tupi IKL 209 Timbira S 32 Submarine Class Tupi IKL 209 Tapajo S 33 Submarine Class Tupi IKL 209 Tikuna S 34 Aircraft carrier Classe Clemenceau Sao Paulo A 12 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Niteroi F 40 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Defender F 41 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Constitution F 42 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Liberal F 43 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Independence F 44 Frigate Classe Niteroi MK10 Union F 45 SPECIAL GRATEFULNESS AND DEDICATION: I dedicate this humble work to the lovers of the Navy of Brazil. Gustavo Luna RecifePernambucoBraz il doubtinfor_at_bol. com. br Show less...

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FS2004 Project BN AI Traffic warships Brazilian Navy Rio. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
August 21, 2010
yea it does not need improvment
rachid785rating: 10
March 9, 2009
good stuff