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FSDSxTweak v2. 3 (c) 2008 Dave Nunez (dave. nunez. za_at_gmail. com) This application allows users of Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) 3. 5. 1 to add various tweaks to their models, such as bump mapping, Virtual Cockpit dynamic shadows, environment mapping, cameras (external and VC), automatically computed authentic gear compression, fuel tank placement, and more! THIS NEW VERSION fixes important bugs in fsdsxtweak. exe (the cant turn bloom off bug is now gone) as well as in fsdsxtweakedit and modeldefedit (XML highlighting now does not kill braces in the work window). The SDK name lists are included in this release!

Filesize: 4.95 MB | Added on: Dec 25, 2008 | Downloads: 1229

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FSDSxTweak v2.3 c 2008 Dave Nunez dave.nunez.za_at_gmail.. Rating: 7.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

erycklegarating: 7
June 7, 2010
good software, thanks