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CFS2 FS2002 FS2004 Martin Mariner PBM-3C by Jim Jacobson: Rocktser22_at_yahoo. com. The PBM-3C, with initial rollout in late 1942 and a total of 274 built. It featured greater crew armor protection, twin gun front and dorsal turrets, an improved tail turret that retained a single gun, and the ASV radar and dome, though it appears that not all PBM-3Cs had the radar. Apparently many PBM-3Cs were fitted with an underwing searchlight in the field. The PBM-3C saw plenty of action in the Caribbean, with the type assisting in 10 U-boat kills during 1942 and 1943. One famous PBM-3C, named the NICKEL BOAT, sank two U-boats, one on 17 May 1943 and the other on 19 July 1943. The twin-gun forward turret turned out to be particularly useful, since for a time U-boats were fitted with added anti-aircraft
Show more... guns and ordered to shoot it out with patrol planes. The forward twin fifties were an effective response to this tactic. 28 PBM-3Cs were supplied to the British as the Mariner GR Mark I, the first of them arriving in August 1943, and deliveries complete by early 1944. They were painted in a natty color scheme, light gray on top and white over the rest. However, British evaluation of the type led to the conclusion that its controls were too heavy and tiring for long patrol flights, and the type never saw operational service with the British Royal Air Force (RAF) Coastal Command. Five were returned to the US Show less...

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