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NEW Alphasim Westland Merlin UN Model by Alphasim. co. uk. Repaint by Pablo Diaz You need the Alphasim Merlin payware bundle for this to work. Installation: Copy the folder texture. spanishAF into the ALPHA Westland Merlin folder. Then add this to the aircraft. cfg replacing xx with the next consecutive number: [fltsim. xx] title Westland Merlin UN sim Merlin model panel sound texture UN kb_checklists kb_reference prop_anim_ratio -1. 55 atc_id ZJ131 ui_manufacturer ALPHA ui_type Westland Merlin ui_variation 2. UN atc_heavy 0 atc_airline Air Force atc_flight_number ZJ131 description AlphaSim 2006 Westland Merlin The Merlin was born out of a need for the RN to replace its aging Seakings and thus Westland entered the WG. 34 design, concurrently the Italian navy was looking to do the same and
Show more... thus Agusta entered the fray and a new company was formed. Eventually EH was dissolved back to the parent companies, both parties still supplying parts. Today the Merlin has been adopted by several nations, mainly in the ASW role, however the RAF opted for a modified airframe with a rear ramp, the HC3. The Merlin currently operates for the UK, Italy, Denmark, Canadian, Japanese, Portugese and US air forces. Textures repaint by Pablo Diaz ENJOY!! Show less...

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alexostirating: 7
March 20, 2013
love this physics....