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TROPICAL CUMULONIMBUS for Flightsim FS2004 FS9 The big one for you storm-chasers out there! This is the sort of supercell youd find in the US or tropics, complete with anvil and overshooting top that exceeds 60, 000 feet. Detail has been kept low to maintain processing speed, but it still slows down frame-rates on slower computers, so download at your own risk. The screenshot shows a supercell over Cameroon, taken from the PM2 Concorde. The sky textures are my own highsky high-altitude set, availabe for download at Surclaro. com

Filesize: 240.76 Kb | Added on: Aug 02, 2006 | Downloads: 4582

Users Reviews
TROPICAL CUMULONIMBUS FS2004 FS9 big one storm-chasers !. Rating: 3.25 of 10 over a total of 4 reviews.

samgizmorating: 1
December 6, 2008
Im in the cloud art files theres soo many cumulonimbus i dont no which ones to add supercell.cmd for this give it a 1 its sooo complicated
brentskirating: 1
August 13, 2008
Its too complicating to do you have make it easier for people install your computer
DanEvansrating: 10
August 8, 2006
Can t please em all Forgot to include contact details in upload, was working into the small hours on a snail pace internet connection etc. Simple install Unzip temporary folder. Copy supercell.cld weather clouds folder of fs9. Open CloudArtFiles.xml same with notepad and follow instructions readme.
pr2firefighterscrating: 1
August 3, 2006
Being that I can not install this addon for lack of clear directions... i give add on a rating. vauge, would so far it 1 directions, NO contact information, information about who made addon, if is 2002 or 2004.... Who ever did job adding the basic information.