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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 Cessna C195 Shakey Jake by Joe Blinka with fully clickable detailed Virtual Cockpit, three indipendent versions each with own fight dynamics: regular, tundra tyres and floats. 2D panel by Lucas Califati based on a screenshot of the Virtual Cockpit to make them match (best flown from Virtual Cockpit anyway). Also added cusom radial sounds and slightly tweaked the user interface to make the three separate planes show up as three variations of one C195 Shakey Jake model in the select aircraft menu. This plane depicts a modern conversion of the C195: it has modern instruments gauges and a fully working GPS in the VC, it is overpowered which makes it even more fun to fly.

Filesize: 24.69 MB | Added on: Jul 16, 2006 | Downloads: 3026

Users Reviews
FS2004 Cessna C195 Shakey Jake Joe Blinka with fully. Rating: 7.89 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

Lars2008rating: 10
August 18, 2007
Big and mean, but flies beautifully. I love the wood instrument panel flying companion .
whayekrating: 9
March 17, 2007
One of my favorites but for some reason, graphics dont always load and things get blurry.
arsilrating: 7
September 25, 2006
All 3 versions of this aircraft are beautiful and is worthy a 10 or greater, i think just my problem since no one else seems to complain about it, but whenever fly plane, none the scenery textures load all way so everything blurred. If anyone, especially maker knows why im rnning into problem, please let me know.
GRatrating: 7
August 15, 2006
This Addon is very detailed but it tremendously overpowered.
Luxorrating: 1
August 8, 2006
I tried to download it 2 times and waited about hours just find out that doesn t work.
luke771rating: 8
July 18, 2006
I didn t mean overpowered compared to the real plane what tried say is that this will take off at little more than half throttle without problem. If also flies way... Good. Let s thanl original author for all did was a modification on 2D panel, and adding some sounds Sorry not so loud sound, but it does sound like radial, important thing. Luke
sparkmanrating: 9
July 17, 2006
The plane is great, sound ...ok, I would have thought the radial be louder but that s minor. looks are very nice, like dog, handles pretty well, power seems fine to me, colors ... ok, too, prefer other than dark gray black and red a little too over all cool. ll looking for repaints ....hint....hint... HA Sparkman
cortrating: 10
July 16, 2006
that planes is not over powered. That how the plane actually is. The VC great and dog in back seat cool. This worth download.
splattrating: 10
July 16, 2006
At last A c 195 that is as complete I need it. ve only flown one flight w05 kdmw She seemed great. This has made my day, week, month, and maybe year Being overpowered may be a bit tricky but m not complaining rebooting FS 9. Thank you very much.