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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 Gulfstream GV version 1. 2 By LiderDesigns Gulfstream GV Freeware model by Peter Brun LiderDesigns including Moving parts, Flaps, Spoilerons, Elevator, Rudder, rolling weels, Opne door, Virthual cockpit with gauges, Night effects, 32bits textures dedicated to all the simulator world and welcome to hear from you at. www. liderdesigns. com Includes All msfs default FS2004 instruments gauges

Filesize: 13.27 MB | Added on: Jul 18, 2006 | Downloads: 17942

Users Reviews
FS2004 Gulfstream GV version 1.2 LiderDesigns Freeware. Rating: 4.79 of 10 over a total of 14 reviews.

cj97rating: 10
April 15, 2007
highnessrating: 2
December 8, 2006
fabienrobertrating: 1
October 6, 2006
paperchaprating: 1
August 18, 2006
The download I recd was 38.4 Mb, not 13.7 as shown. Unfortunately, there were 53 Guages missing and these definately Default Lear. Question is. Where do get the guages from Liderdesigns website is unavailable, so no help there. Any ideas anyone Paperchap
aykutik2rating: 9
August 5, 2006
coolsimrating: 1
August 3, 2006
OK OK.......First let s start with the color. Its so white it looks like a bird came and crapped on it. Secondly, gauges dont work, well not all of them at least. Also oddly enough, when you engines up first, Micheal Jackson walks across screen does his HEE HOO. That was probably biggest problem i had. He also pops about 28,000 ft blocks cockpit view makes crash. What kind download is THIS
mseversonrating: 9
July 29, 2006
this jet is really fun to fly but need work on the panel
flightlevel510rating: 7
July 25, 2006
Climbs and cruises like a G V. Mimimums are quite bit lower than what they should be I can live with that . Nice paint too no complaints here. Thanks
kilooskarhotelrating: 3
July 24, 2006
Needs a fix. Not path for gauges. Most of them missing. Please work on your installation instructions.
Trionest3rating: 9
July 23, 2006
Great aircraft
musnkatzrating: 7
July 21, 2006
...quite acceptable as a small jet..handles nice, lands well..thank you for making this FS aircraft available freeware... Musnkatz
stevemc2004rating: 1
July 19, 2006
model good, sound , panel stinks
antyongrating: 6
July 19, 2006
Texture and aircraft model looks great. However, as always...where are the gauges that is meant to be installed with cockpit Dissappointing..
geraldrcrating: 1
July 19, 2006
Where are the gauges Instrument panels looks good, but no gauges.