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10 4 06 RAF Virtual Cockpit 10 LANDS KAITAK. wmv contains a movie which can be played by Windows Media Player (player supplied with Windows XP). The movie of a Royal Airforce Virtual Cockpit 10 approaching to land at Hong Kongs former airport Kaitak and is assembled from flight video footage originally recorded in FS2004. frs format which has then been edited and converted to the more widely exportable format (. Wmv) using FRAPS video capture software and finally, Widows Movie Maker. I was motivated by nostalgia and a desire to preserve something of a remarkable place in a former time. I hope it succeeds in the recreating some of the awesome excitement of landing at Kaitak airport, now sadly closed. The Virtual Cockpit 10 aircraft model is the excellent work of David Maltby as shown in the
Show more... credits. It is the C1K tanker version but I prefer to imagine it as the troop transporter version (I couldnt find a model for this) that regularly flew in British forces personnel and their families when Hong kong was still a British Crown Territory. I have used the superb scenery addon Hong Kong 2004;distributed by Flightsoft, also listed in the credits. Bob Owen Show less...

Filesize: 49.24 MB | Added on: Apr 16, 2006 | Downloads: 2886

Users Reviews
10 4 06 RAF Virtual Cockpit LANDS KAITAK.wmv a movie be. Rating: 8.38 of 10 over a total of 8 reviews.

tojasonrating: 8
March 22, 2011
I find my thing that want
wojtek19890rating: 10
June 29, 2006
Impressive, it must have taken you a hell of lot time to adjust the views so that seems like people are lookig at it. Did make this movie with FS2002 or FS 2004 Once again, good job
seedrating: 10
June 11, 2006
where did you get that airport
kaitakrating: 10
May 16, 2006
File downloads ok. Mollman your problem is not with the file
thomasboothbyrating: 8
May 16, 2006
did well to land its a very big aircraft control
mollmanrating: 1
April 24, 2006
fails to load. file is corrupt, after 5 download
cub01frrating: 10
April 21, 2006
Great Job
freddielaker2rating: 10
April 19, 2006
Ive done this for real on a lot of occasions only as passenger, getting to hit the chequer board with undercarriage takes some class flying.. flt lt jermaine 1974 bounced xv106 so hard we thought were down...... but dont tell anyone. ps ive in fs9 and its still challenge. ingenuity 10 beginning