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FS2004 FX Nicks LightFix Concept Base Textures Bundle Mark

FS2004 FX: Nicks LightFix The concept and the base textures for this bundle are from Mark Poole and his original light replacement releases. Marks original Nav Light bundle has a really good concept and uses light textures which create sharp lens flairs or bursts however I found the lens flair in his packages to be a bit too large and out of scale for my display and taste. Also, I wanted to have an easy way to replace all the Flightsim FS2004 FS9 lights in one shot with little or no configuration file editing. With that in mind, this bundle was created. This release will automatically replace ALL the Flight Simulator aircraft and airport lights with more realistic ones along with better distance visuals of slower flashing radio tower smoke stack and ground beacons. It also includes replace
Show more... ment lights in scale for the PMDG 737, 747 and for all Project Opensky aircraft offered on their site. It works automatically with Ultimate Traffic and other AI addons which use the msfs default Microsoft aircraft lights. I added a diffused halo effect to Marks original airport_lighting_v2 texture which gives a more realistic look in cloudy or weather conditions and enhances the dynamic directional brightness of the lights. In addition to the navigation lights, I have also created aircraft beacons and strobes which will also install automatically. A restore bundle is included allowing to you to revert back to msfs default Flightsim FS2004 FS9 texture and FX files. ENJOY! From Nick Needham Klondikekit_at_yahoo. com Show less...

Filesize: 1.55 MB | Added on: Apr 13, 2006 | Downloads: 4437 | Total Votes: 9 | Overall Rating: 9.00

Users Reviews
FS2004 FX Nicks LightFix concept base textures bundle Mark. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

mrbigtimerating: 6
May 23, 2006
yes lights are great butthe runway what was the name of lights that u look for it and u see the level of your plane and the gorund and that red and yellow light tells you that if u approach fast or notyou understand what i meani hopethe yellowred lights just start point oft ha runway when u approach for landingthose lightst doesnt workit shows RED when u approach badbut with this addon it doesnt tell anymorered lights dont workbut lights look coolfix it and its perfect
concordeboyrating: 9
May 17, 2006
Its ok It brightens your lights but like what axiom said not that much
olivermbsrating: 10
April 19, 2006
This a very good addon adds a realistic light effect which makes the FS experience much more reaslistic at night also comes with backups of the original files so if your not happy it is reversabe
axiom13rating: 6
April 19, 2006
I really see no diffrence in my lights None at all
tkc978rating: 10
April 19, 2006
Thanks for sharing Really good all night fliers must try
tasmanetrating: 10
April 18, 2006
A great improvement
SimLeerating: 10
April 17, 2006
Beautiful lighting effects Very realistic Great job
RedRamrating: 10
April 16, 2006
excellent add on
coryintheskywithairplanesrating: 10
April 13, 2006
My first 10 rating ever To install you need basic reading skillsthats all For lighting that will blow your ing mind you owe it to your self to learn