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CFS2 FS2000 2002 2004 North American AJ-1 Savage Original by Jim Jacobson. Update with new air, Dp, effects and modified textures by A. F. Scrub The AJ1 Savage was a stop gap bomber used as a naval nuclear naval deterrent between WWII and the arrival of full jet bombers. It had twin radials on the wings and an allison turbojet in the tail. It never saw combat but was on ready alert and carried the MK15-Mk39 series of gravity nuclear bombs from the decks of US Carriers. It ended its military carreer as a flying tanker. The AJ Savages were decomishioned in the early sixties and saw their last action as civilian Fire bombers.

Filesize: 8.64 MB | Added on: Feb 19, 2006 | Downloads: 4427

Users Reviews
CFS2 FS2000 2002 2004 North American AJ-1 Savage Original. Rating: 4.80 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

htw9rating: 2
March 2, 2006
Landing gear can be seen after retraction...and the details on retraction extension are very poor.
guilhermefrancarating: 10
February 28, 2006
Pas de probl me
p38rating: 6
February 21, 2006
quality is definately CFS2 at best, terrible virtual cockpit, would rather have none. Panel moderate, vsiual model poor. At least it was a fair attempt to update for FSACOF.
sunsetartsrating: 5
February 20, 2006
Well the plane looks nice on outside, and it takes off well, but a panel would be nice, gauges in VC even helpful. This one might ok someday I m going to pass for now.
sparkmanrating: 1
February 19, 2006
Can t really rate this thing as I can down load it, been doing for a few years. Spent about hour on forget this.....Can figure one out, don think it s complete