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Thanks for downloading. This is the first movie Ive done an I hope you all like it. Setting out from the Airbus Factory in Toulouse France following a Brand New Virgin Atlantic A380 to its new owner in Great Britain. The file is a Windows Media (TM) Video File Opens with Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

Filesize: 44.50 MB | Added on: Feb 06, 2006 | Downloads: 2947

Users Reviews
movie Ive an I Setting Airbus Factory Toulouse France a. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 15 reviews.

cannon17rating: 10
November 6, 2009
cual es el icao del aeropuerto toulouse
747eoinrating: 10
March 31, 2007
Great work Noting to bad about this.
Lewis15rating: 8
May 15, 2006
loved it,can i just ask where did you get that a380 from,it is astonishing.
ziccorating: 10
April 24, 2006
Very nice work. Nice landing.Iam suprised that we did nt see stupid box says trialware.
aeozyalcinrating: 10
April 12, 2006
shovonrating: 10
February 22, 2006
Very nice video.Keep up the good work.
737FirstOfficerrating: 10
February 19, 2006
out standing. good choise of music
Asgard2005rating: 10
February 12, 2006
quiet perfect video but there are no credits can somebody tell me by whom the first song is
diki9111rating: 5
February 8, 2006
I don t like the time it takes to download these videos even with CABLE modem every other site a sec 100MB file and here 30 min. what is wrong this. oh sucks video was good for starter though job wish avsim let us upload thats best add on ever
bloke45rating: 10
February 7, 2006
pilot727rating: 5
February 6, 2006
I would really say what axiom said, but also believe he was being too nice. It not all that great, and the others were truthful enough, which is shameful. Those tens probably given because those people wrote them they liked plane, airport, person who mad, etc. They just picking favorites. Nice frames though.
axiom13rating: 7
February 6, 2006
7 This is not nice to say, but the previous votes were so truthful. Here why gave you a views interesting. No transitions, which annoying. There too much slow and mellow song, kind of boring. The really high tower while taxing was impressive or interesting flying Fly by awesome though . Being passenger on flights makes it I understand Abacus A380 has no wing views, does have VC Cabin. lack effects. Taxing either. That one turn made, where your front gear touched grass, annoyed me. would redone that part. Other then nice. Extremely beautiful Frame rates recently fixed my frame from 1 5 10 50. Turns out did install Video card correctly axiom
raptor8rating: 10
February 6, 2006
Wow this is an easy ten Great Video. Were you using fraps to capture Cause it seems like your getting over 40 framerates per second. I only get around 7 if i m running
dudlerrating: 10
February 6, 2006
Excellent video
zubairrating: 10
February 6, 2006
This is an amazing Video, looks like you did a lot of hard work on it. Good Job..