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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
This is a full bundle (aircraft and panel) for Flight Simulator 2004, This file has not been tested on FS2002 but it might work, but the GPS should be changed. To be displayed at 1024x768 resolution or more. HISTORY The SINUS ultralight motorglider was flown at 250 km h and cruised at 240 km h. The airplane is manufactured by PIPISTREL, a factory in Slovenia. Built in little quantities but well known among Glider and ultralight planes pilots. Thank you for downloading this package, I hope youll enjoy it. IMPORTANT! You MUST also insert the enclosed GougeSound. dll in the Main FS2004 folder, othrwise you will experience a Flight Simulator crash!! FREEWARE! FOREWORD The model has been created by myself using Abacus FSDS_v2: it features the usual animations, such as flight controls, spinning
Show more... wheels, etc. Plus: flexsible wings on bumpy ground, spoilers, flaperons and the propeller setting at minimum drag when engine stopped. The textures and panel have been created entirely from pictures taken by myself during a flight. Most of the instruments gauges have been created by Capt. Italo DAttomo, The others are msfs default Flight Simulator gauges. It features also a very simple Virtual Cockpit, with working essential instruments gauges and animated flight controls. NAV instruments gauges are not provided. Fly exclusively old stile dead reckoning or visual flight. Default GPS and Autopilot in basic mode are available. The model starts with engine running but intruments are off. You should toggle ON the proper buttons on BE radio and LX160 VSI. You should also hit the ON button on the main BRUNIGER gauge at its right bottom corner. Please take a look to the enclosed sinus cockpit. jpg. Capt. Giovanni Quai Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Capt. G. Quai giovanni. quai_at_tin. it Capt. I. DAttomo mdattom_at_tiscali. it January 2006 Show less...

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a full bundle aircraft and panel FS2004 tested FS2002 work. Rating: 7.50 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

shavnyakrating: 7
January 28, 2006
Hard to turn during taxi but otherwise a great bird fly.
jclefrating: 8
January 28, 2006