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William Ortis at Lionheart Creations Ltd. created this fantastic, cutting edge jet, and I went ahead and pushed it off the cutting edge. The final, final tweeks are being made to the release package, but you can see a lot of the great new features in this music video! I edited the video using the NewTek Video Toaster System and software, and compressed it into a self-running. exe file using Rad Video Tools Bink compression software. The music is from the Sin City soundtrack. Use ESC to quit the video and the spacebar to pause it. There are too many new features to list here, but a more complete list is in the readme file. The highlights are: Rocket engine afterburner effect Mach 4+ Hyper-mach effect (based on real pictures of the top-secret Auroras donuts on a rope contrail. ) Animated mis
Show more... siles and massive explosions, activated when the missile bay opens Mach speed water displacement effect (fly low and fast; drown some fishermen) LOTS of new textures Wavering drag-chute effect (actual effect which may be added to any aircraft if you know what you are doing!) Engine glow, engine heat, and sonic boom effect by Rob Barendregt (Rob Barendregts effects and instruments gauges are used by his kind permission) Lots of AUTOMATIC sequences and buttons including an auto-closing hatch, retracting landing gear, deploying hyper-mach nozzles and changeover to the hyper-mach effect at Mach 4, takeoff button landing mode button (only SETS UP for a landing, does NOT land the plane!) max-speed and height button and sequence, de-orbit burn and drop to destination (scary, but actually works), terrain-follow button and much more! Enjoy the video! Matt Stryker strykersmsfs_at_hotm ail. com Show less...

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