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Even though as I understand you dont need permission to use a freeware panel bitmap I tried to get hold of Mike Stone on his Forum and published email as I am a great fan of his work and dont want to step on any toes. All Gauges Instruments are Freeware.. . Thanks to all. As usual make a back copy of Mike Stones original panel folder after installing (sjavelin. zip) available at pmstone. com and replace it with mine. Then add the Gauges Instruments from my instruments gauges folder to the main Flightsim FS2004 FS9 Gauges Instruments folder (overwrite when asked). And last change the [radios] section in the aircraft. cfg located in your new Javelin folder to this [Radios] Radio Type available, standby frequency, has glide slope Audio. 1 1 Com. 1 1, 0 Com. 2 1, 0 Nav. 1 1, 0, 1 Nav. 2 1, 0,
Show more... 0 Adf. 1 1 Transponder. 1 1 Marker. 1 1 I am an Airline Pilot with over twenty years experience flying in the northeast corridor of the United States and have set this aircraft up to be a sweet little IFR bird now, with some minor changes to Mikes already authentic rendition of the Javelins real Panel. Captain Peter Mercy captmercy_at_cox. net Show less...

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