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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner. Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project Boeing 999-1000 team Model Designer :Koen de Groot Flight Dynamics Designer :Jos Langenberg and Koen de Groot G-MAX Advisor :Rien Cornelissen Quality Control :Eric Vorstenbosch and Koen de Groot Tested :Koen de Groot Master textures :Koen de Groot Painters :Mike de Vries, Eric Vorstenbosch and Jos Langenberg. Contact: Koenikova_3__at_hotm ail. com Install: Just unzip the file and send the Aircrafts folder to the FS2004 AIRCRAFT FOLDER. Special thanx: A real special thanx to Rien Cornelissen. He helpt us very well making this plane. Rien is a designer of Warriors and secenry for the NL-2000 dutch team. THANX!! Repaints: You can exclusively repaint this plane if you have GMAX and the B999-1000 source files. Other wise you get faults in your plane. Ask the builders to make repainted textures for you of your airline. koenikova_3__at_hotm ail (always use subject: B999-1000)

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Project Boeing 999-1000 Niner-Liner. Rating: 1.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

constanttechrating: 1
August 9, 2006
747 panel no v cockpit . it sucks.