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FS2004 picturereal Panel Airbus A-300 310 with full internal views incl. 2 animated wingviews for SGA A300-B4-200 (SGA3) usable for any other A 300 310 without wingviews All this started with my desire to add the missing internal views to Benoit Gaurants excellent Airbus A-300 panel, but it was diificult to find usable pictures for the forward and side-views. From what I found I made what you get here all this bitmaps refer to the A-300. For my use of the HNAC-Airbus A-310 I had made an picturereal A-310-panel already and in search of pictures for better internal views of A-310 there was no success. Therfore I used the internal views of A-300 for this panel, too. With this upload you get 3 different panel. cfgs panel-default. cfg usable for HNAC or any other, but no wingviews panel-SGA3. c
Show more... fg for Airbus A-300-B4-200 from SGA with animated wingviews panel-B-Gaurant. cfg for addition of internal views to your already installed Benoit Gaurant A-300 panel, but wingviews exclusively with a. m. SGA-aircraft. Installation: unzip panel. zip into an empty folder and copy the bitmaps and the panel. cfg of your choice into the panel-folder of your aircraft. (make backup before) Dont forget to rename to panel. cfg after prior deletion of the existing panel. cfg unzip Gauges. zip into Flightsim FS2004 FS9 gauges-folder The entries for RADIOS in aircraft. cfg should read as follows: [Radios] Radio Type availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope Audio. 1 1 Com. 1 1, Com. 2 1, 1, Nav. 1 1, 0, 1 Nav. 2 1, 0, 0 Adf. 1 1 Transponder. 1 1 Marker. 1 1 What is from me: Nothing but the bitmaps, some repainted instruments gauges and the panel-arrangement. Credit consequently goes to all gauge-developers!! Good flights Horst Paetzold horstcloudflyer_at_a ol. com Show less...

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