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Skyways B737-600 repaint by Patrik Kaczmarek & Albert Ramic.. . AFG Boeing 737-600 Skyways Skyways Virtual was launch tailoreder for this version of the Boeing 737-NG (next generation). The 600 is the littleest plane in the NG series. In the series there are also 700 800 and 900 versions. BBJ (Boeing Business Jet). The 737-600 have CFM 56-7B20 motors and and maximum thrust is 20000 lbs. Maximum thrust is seldom needed and the planes are derated, quite alot, on take off and climb. A normal T O config would be Flaps 5, N1 as low as 85 %, Vr about 120-130 kts. Climbspeed above FL100 is 280-300 kts. When airspeed reaches M0. 78 the plane climbs to hold Mach no instead. It cruises at M0. 79 and can climb up to FL410 depending on weight. Decend is normally done with idle thrust and that gives a
Show more... decend rate of approx 2200 ft min. Vref Flaps40 60 T 133 kts 55 T 127 kts 50 T 120 kst Allow for another 5 kts for approach spd. It takes up to 132 PAX in a 1-class configuration and up 110 in a 2 class config. In SAS configuration the plane carries 91-103 PAX. Installation: Extract the files in to FS2000Aircraft Weights: The airfile: ZFW: 49, 8 Ton MTOW: 59, 9 Ton The real 737-600 MTOW: 59, 9 Ton Max payload: 13, 0 Ton Show less...

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