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FS2004 AH-60L Arpia III Fuerza Area Colombiana The Arpia is one of the prides of the Colombian Air Force becuase it was totally redesign and configurate for colombian technician, with the time the Arpia grow up to the Arpia III made with the help of Israel, this attack helicopter can use even the hellfire but we dont have it. The normal combat weaponds are 4 gau-19 and 2 M-261. Original Aircraft Designed by Jordan Moore Aircraft Modify and textures by Eduardo Fadul eduardofadul_at_yaho o. com IR jammer and engine exhaust Matthew Lue Virtual Cockpit Modeling and Texturing by Deane Baunton Transparent Rotor Textures by Brian McIntyre

Filesize: 5.67 MB | Added on: Dec 14, 2005 | Downloads: 7691

Users Reviews
FS2004 AH-60L Arpia III Fuerza Area Colombiana one prides. Rating: 8.14 of 10 over a total of 14 reviews.

chechonyrating: 9
May 28, 2008
le doy un 9 por que me parece es helicoptero super efectivo en la vida real lo e visto accion pero quiero para fs4 no quiere bajar podrian asesorar favor gracias su tiempo
MRTJamezrating: 5
February 19, 2008
How do u shoot i cant figure out its not i. I also have a joystick does that anything 2 with it
nickpolandrating: 8
November 30, 2007
Great Helicopter. Thankyou.
paulyshorerating: 8
June 17, 2007
ok f8ck tards u push i to fire
bonehead2004rating: 10
February 12, 2007
Great chopper. But the smoke could be positioned better.
iamnetminderrating: 9
December 14, 2006
this is a great heli but i cant figure out how to shoot
aykutik2rating: 9
August 5, 2006
robeat101rating: 7
July 26, 2006
Its ok. How 2 shoot
coolsimrating: 1
March 14, 2006
I wish that this download WASN t hence the bold lettering T crappiest ever. Get up to about 2000ft high and then all of a sudden Barney dinosaur song comes on speakers. dont know what kind sick joke is, maybe its an error my computer i know. But am scarred in ears for life now from helicopter download.
B747-400-Jpilotrating: 10
March 12, 2006
good heli, display, i want to know how do shoot, but overall, this should be recommended for the heli section.
nemo645rating: 8
January 7, 2006
real nice
btm4158rating: 10
January 3, 2006
Flies and shoots real good......
whiteflame153rating: 10
December 30, 2005
I loved this Aircraft but after turning off engines uing the quick turn heli usually wont start so just use clutch engage disengage and it should work fine as does for me
rit44rating: 10
December 15, 2005
Great aircraft, love the special effects, just wish it could be on all aircraft.