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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Concept Aircraft (previewversion, complete version come in summer 2006) Model, panel, sounds, textures and instruments gauges by www. afs-design. de Author: A. Meyer.

Filesize: 6.41 MB | Added on: Nov 25, 2005 | Downloads: 4402

Users Reviews
Concept Aircraft previewversion complete version summer. Rating: 9.44 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

skampyrating: 10
July 31, 2007
joalex1995525rating: 9
March 10, 2007
It s awesome, but the lights center. I also look foward to final thing it 2007 already, so when is gonna come out
Eastern1823rating: 10
October 12, 2006
This is the coolest thing ever It so fast and takes off right away. I have only just downloaded it havn t mastered how you are supposed to land, but still ever. When turn on lights though they wingtips a few feet, don know if this be something about concept that m missing, looks good even with side Great job
vesariousrating: 8
July 4, 2006
This is a great aircraft. It looks good and flys well. I would like to see vertical takeoff helicopter as believe the jet movements portray. Landing lights be nice also detail given internal views. All in all an enjoyable ride. look forward final product.
driverdkhrating: 10
May 27, 2006
Very VERY fun to fly I have also tweaked the craft go 1 2 faster than normal speeds, put floating lights back on when your are on, and added a flame effect engines hope you dont mind P, it looks like starship now
ace70471rating: 10
February 27, 2006
Exelent, fun fictional aircraft
gazzaTrating: 10
January 15, 2006
friendshard2findrating: 10
December 12, 2005
I absolutlely love this It goes from zero to subsonic in only seconds and has a top ceiling of 60,000 feet. stops on dime with out wheels ve landed it The Flight Deck 111 extention Aircraft Carrier numiorus times any problems. Keep up the good work Now all we need do is have someone make FS 2004 so you can go into orbit like X Plane game would be awsome
rit44rating: 8
December 11, 2005
Great aircraft only missing one thing, a vc.