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FS2004-FS2002 FX: Nicks Prop Dust v2. 0 with Nicks ALL WET for Watercraft! This bundle is an all new release of my original prop dust FX. This gauge effects bundle automatically senses the terrain the aircraft is in contact with or flying over and changes the prop dust and water FX for the aircrafts prop rotor wash based on dirt, dry mud or clay, snow, rain, water, ice, sand, gravel and short grass. In addition the real time surface conditions are also sensed. In example: a dry asphalt or concrete runway will produce no prop dust wash; however, the same runway with snow rain conditions present will automatically produce a throttle controlled snow rain blowing effect. FX files and instruments gauges are included for large and little, single engine, multi-engine, amphibians, helicopters, sea
Show more... planes and massive scale military and commercial land water transports. This bundle requires manually editing adding lines in the aircraft. cfg and panel. cfg files. The README files include very complete and comprehensive instructions with a quick and easy copy paste file for all the Microsoft prop aircraft and 13 other popular aircraft. I have also provided a QUICK REFERENCE file for current Nicks Prop Dust users for the new seaplane gauge and new FX location formulas. Nicks ALL WET is wild splashing and spraying bow skid water FX designed for amphibians, seaplanes and boats which includes water droplets on the 2D and Virtual Cockpit windshield as the plane barrels through the water on takeoff and landing. There is an option to install Nicks ALL WET without the main dust FX package. ENJOY! By Nick Needham Klondikekit_at_yahoo . com Show less...

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FS2004-FS2002 FX Nicks Prop Dust v2.0 with WET Watercraft!. Rating: 9.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

Marciennerating: 10
April 6, 2006
Very good, yet could be better......yet but good
Hremosrating: 8
October 22, 2005
Its ok but it look kinda fake