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Lockheed WP-3D Hurricane hunter For FS2004 Model making and the picture editing of Virtual Cockpit etc. By Daisuke Yamamoto. Flight Dynamics creating and the texture editing. By Hiroaki Kubota. (Hurricane hunter base texture by Luis da Costa Pereira) 2D Panel creating. by Team Luis da Costa Pereira & Fabio Bonoldi.

Filesize: 28.83 MB | Added on: Sep 24, 2005 | Downloads: 11478

Users Reviews
Lockheed WP-3D Hurricane hunter FS2004 Model making and. Rating: 9.04 of 10 over a total of 25 reviews.

angallarrating: 10
May 27, 2013
look really cool
100000553767684-facebookrating: 5
November 28, 2010
kingaurthurrating: 10
November 4, 2006
This will take forever this file is huge.but it looks like a ten
USMA41rating: 10
September 30, 2006
Best freeware p 3 going
kvikrating: 10
March 27, 2006
Absolute top stuff....
DiamanteRossorating: 8
February 15, 2006
Very good cockpit, very aircraft but it would be even better if ther was an own sound
TopperHarleyBf2rating: 9
February 11, 2006
Great aircraft Lot of detail But only 1 prob,the sound is good,but after I fly the plane,then something else,then it again,the changes,it sounds like plane flew this one.I mean,lets say this,then,I a c172.then wp3 again,it c172,anyone get issue
padr1992rating: 9
January 21, 2006
I have read the other reviews and download it. think this is a good plane, compared to custom made planes made. In details dont find any information from virtual cockpit, costom sounds, animations an others. So give it 9.
tintinjsyrating: 10
January 7, 2006
superb aircraft WELL DONE
sahalinrating: 10
January 3, 2006
great work The best plane
N2587Xrating: 10
December 22, 2005
william8251rating: 9
December 13, 2005
Visually a delight to see...reminds me of being in the center seat all i can ask for is SHP gauges read little more correctly. I only get approximatly 2500 shaft horsepower firewalled. At Standard day conditions, should have somewhere range 1010deg C and approx 4600SHP T56 A 14. alas seems ALL P 3 s downloaded same problem..but dont let it distract you too much...I still am amazed at detail this download...Kudos superb model. will continue enjoy than my others.. Local 8251 International Brotherhood Flight Engineers
propsboyrating: 10
November 21, 2005
This is one of the best aircraft I have ever seen for FS2004, Well Done Mate.
sparkmanrating: 8
November 11, 2005
Very good graphic and design but slow to load between views.
knucklebusterrating: 9
October 23, 2005
VERY nice in every way, except one. Not sure if engine sounds are THAT realistic. Sounds too King Air buzzy, and not to turbo proppy me. If the correct I would appreciate hearing from others.
shoebyterating: 10
October 11, 2005
If I could find a single fault with this add on d give it 9. can t. Many thanks for fantastic plane
palanitrating: 9
October 9, 2005
great add on, good interior and exterior details. flight dynamics are as accurate can be. superb job. now we need weather to fly into
WONAKETrating: 1
October 8, 2005
It takes an hour to download for empty file whats going on.
biggjoe_2rating: 10
October 3, 2005
Wow its hard to believe this is freeware. What a great job. Thanks for the work. Plane looks and flies excellent. I think it might be little on frame rates small pc. am running med. size pc does very well. A must have
sweetpeterating: 10
September 29, 2005
Sensational, well done guys, a credit to you. I m blown away.
scott1991rating: 10
September 28, 2005
Great must have
viplanetrating: 10
September 26, 2005
Excellent texture work, excellent cockpit, etc... A must have in our hangar I like to see a civil version of this plane too.
DesertRat1864rating: 9
September 25, 2005
Great plane alot of work must have gone into takes a few minutes to learn how the panel..i also agree with other post..there should be hurricane fly into, but you can use real world weather when is coming..overall
merlin87711rating: 10
September 25, 2005
yery good addon must have
Gondor59rating: 10
September 25, 2005
Excellent Plane. Now all we need is for an accurate hurricane weather file to fly into.