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The Vans Aircraft Company proudly presents our latest project. Some years ago we released our first version of DC-9, which pourpose was to thank all of our tailoreders for their preference and support to our products. Also continuing with our internal policies we released this freeware with payware quality. It has been designated as Boeing 727-200 The Final Stage 21st Century This project covers almost all models and modifications made for STAGE III fullfillment. This is the fourth bundle and contains the Boeing 727-200 QWRE SUPER27 The Boeing 727-200 is basically a combination of Boeing 727-200 RE and QW. This model perhaps is the less used by airlines in fact almost all of the operators are private. The Boeing 727-200 With winglets and re-engined with Pratt&Whitney JT8D-217 (engines of t
Show more... he MD-80s) in positions of engine 1 and 3. This gives about 6000lbs of extra thrust to the aircraft. The main characteristics are: And incredibly perfect replica of the aircraft. Every part and detail on the real aircraft youll find it in this aircraft. Full moving parts according to standards (flaps, ailerons, elevators, landing gear, stab trim, dynamic shine, etc) Wing views, hi-low diferential ailerons activated by speed, Main door, cargo bay doors, service door, ventral stairs, loss of hydraulic pressure is prefectly simulated on the kreuguer flaps, ground services (catering, fuel truck, baggage belt, baggage truck, etc. ) everything with an independent control from each other. The flight dynamics as always at Vans are based on procedure operating manuals, speed booklets and tested by real pilots. In this case weve gone out of our classic Mc Donnell Douglas Aircraft wich they are a very friendly to fly. now this aicraft is well known as an Aircraft School and as the pilots who tested our aircraft theyve said that is Very thought to fly This bundle contains Hi-DEF Photorealistic textures and covering liveries in the next order: Private Operator The Vans Aicraft Co. Colors In this bundle weve included all the upgrades made it in the service pack 1. It is now fully compatible with force feeback joysticks and includes the dynamic shine in the cockit windows. The universal Paint-Kit can be downloaded directly in our site and it works for every of our five packages (HushKitted, Super 27, Quiet Wing, Super 27 QW and the new one) INSTALLATION: Download file and unzip to a temporary folder. Run the Setup software and follow the prompts. Hope you like it!!! Comments are always welcome at support_at_vansairco . com Enjoy!!! The Vans Aicraft Co. www. vansairco. com Show less...

Filesize: 5.28 MB | Added on: Sep 14, 2005 | Downloads: 4873

Users Reviews
Vans Aircraft Company proudly presents latest project. Rating: 4.00 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

ticoguy05rating: 1
April 26, 2013
I got the same INVALID DIRECTORY msg and was really looking forward to adding this aircraft as it looks pretty impressive. Why not regular contents in a ZIP FOLDER manually add instead of automated thing.
L337PIL07rating: 10
November 26, 2008
awsome i dont know what you guys are whining about
Texxascorating: 4
January 9, 2006
Very Poor Flight Characteristics. instrument Panel. I am in the process of swapping .air and acft.cfg files order to get it take off fly right. poor download unless you re willign make changes necessary these beats fly. Impressive exterior looks, nice model...just needs work on heart acft.
flyboy90rating: 2
December 14, 2005
No matter what I tried, this plane would not come up on flight simulator. It looked good but who ever is reading don t waste your time.
WESERU997rating: 8
September 16, 2005
I m very pleased with this
ziccorating: 1
September 16, 2005
Worthless aircraft. Elevators don t work at all. Whoever who made this has a lot to learn. Worst download ever.
geraldrcrating: 4
September 15, 2005
What good is an aircraft with out panel. Downloaded several, none of them work this plane.
atkinrating: 5
September 15, 2005
Great Model but what is a good panel to use with it.
wellens2rating: 1
September 14, 2005
Willl not install, keeps coming up invalid directory so I keep changing the it is unzipped into but despite this will install. Any ideas Wellens2