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FS2004 Aircraft: Nicks Space Shuttle Landing Challenge, FINAL RELEASE Featuring the Space Shuttle Discovery and celebrating NASAs return to space! This bundle contains the most up to date version of my Space Shuttle Landing Challenge (v1. 2). I am giving it as a FINAL single installation bundle to eliminate the need for multiple update files. This bundle includes the Space Shuttle Discovery redesigned using actual NASA-Boeing mechanical aeronautical engineering data, a panel, sounds and shuttle landing FX. The space shuttle in the sim (like the real shuttle) has the ability to water ditch and belly land in an emergency or if improperly landed on the suspension system. You can select the sensitivity of the main landing gear struts (less crashes) for those who are novice to flying critical t
Show more... olerances. This bundle includes a CHALLENGE FLIGHT ADVENTURE PACKAGE and features a reference list of the flights along with approach landing procedure tips to the kneeboard (F-10) for you to refer to while in flight. The adventure pack will provide a set of 11 challenge flights spanning the globe for the space shuttle re-entry simulation. A Bonus PACK of CrashBar effects including smoke, fire, explosions and other nasty reminders of landing mistakes is included as an optional installation. The original. mdl file is by Matthew Moxon and a modified for Flightsim FS2004 FS9 panel byTom Kellner. Model repaint, flight dynamics, air file, sound. cfg, adventure flights and shuttle landingcrash FX by Nick Needham. Includes NASAs description of the entire landing process which you can now experience in Flight Simulator! This bundle includes an install for FS2002 as well and supersedes all other update packages. ENJOY! Nick Needham Klondikekit_at_yahoo . com Show less...

Filesize: 26.94 MB | Added on: Aug 30, 2005 | Downloads: 19934

Users Reviews
FS2004 Aircraft Nicks Space Shuttle Landing Challenge. Rating: 9.44 of 10 over a total of 34 reviews.

archangelxxxrating: 10
December 11, 2014
he sim program has come so far, I remember when it was stick clear graphics like dimensional pong, dials instruments everything. And this X and the fantastic updates by private commercial industries, This site always had flight simmer at heart of best interest quality shuttle simulation fa advanced on its original release here is 2014 still very there is. By way tweakfs theres a free download for ai flight, not usual proven. download, tap exe , after you ve started fsx alredy are sitting your runway, now drop out into tweak menu, can then choose any four aircraft that want to fly with or against, choice formations diamond box straight. speed altitude circle in radius miles fsx, go runway add ons will be button youll see start etx once planes theylll continue patterns ,and if chose straight they ll forever, part different even same own pilots personalities as see. Now no more gamespy boring flying alone.
verdilaka-googlerating: 10
January 26, 2012
Great addon team, keep it up
Mike1995rating: 4
April 18, 2007
When I got this put in stronger gears it didn t seem to help though, some gauges were missing, somtimes i ll have no fuel, but will keep fling as if does. It doesn skid on s belly the runway or across water. Sometimes land and are surface of ground says crashed, neat download though.
lancelspencerrating: 10
December 19, 2006
Great work, a must have for your sim collection
aykutik2rating: 9
August 5, 2006
hazza79rating: 8
July 19, 2006
very good
eh_phoenixrating: 10
May 26, 2006
absolutely the best simulator and add on I ve ever seen, it gives me goosebumps every time strap in get ready for re entry. totally awesome
durabayenrating: 10
April 2, 2006
Muy bueno flaco.
richardheadrating: 10
December 30, 2005
just amazing absolutly classical
music-manrating: 10
December 20, 2005
Not at all easy to fly and even harder land thats with the stronger landing gear. very in depth detailed just good fun use
chelo111rating: 9
December 20, 2005
es muy bueno
pushpilotrating: 10
December 16, 2005
Kmixsonrating: 10
December 8, 2005
Excellent This will make a pilot out of you. I was tired landing the heavies . They were getting way too easy to land. love challenge. Thank You for work you put into this
fumaprating: 10
December 5, 2005
It s very nice
5jmrating: 8
October 29, 2005
hermanmunsterrating: 10
October 16, 2005
First class. Great graphics and a dream to handle.the only thing different from the original is there are no engines on shuttle its just one big glider.but it makes more interesting
bonehead2004rating: 10
October 9, 2005
Im gonna download it but where to i put extract
737FirstOfficerrating: 10
October 9, 2005
I can t beleive future captin if it wasn for him This would be the best add on instead of second best. And that REALLY Anoys me
miltestpilotrating: 10
September 16, 2005
Its about time.... I have finally come across an aircraft that has fairly accurate flight and landing dynamics. like simulator but unfortunately there are very few true to their real world couterparts this one really cuts the mustard. would answer comment below futurecaptain Rating 5 It s impossible land even when you follow instructions Like thousands of other pilots tried out for space program through military did not make cut. think name Landing Challenge says it all so do feel bad being able shuttle. If was easy, myself allot excellent be on list job. Hands Down a big 10
dede851rating: 9
September 16, 2005
very good work...
futurecaptainrating: 5
September 15, 2005
It s impossible to land even when you follow the instructions
jos2rating: 10
September 15, 2005
wonderfull simulation.
pgsmokeaterrating: 9
September 7, 2005
great model, easy to fly, no langing gear however. Other than that I love it. good job
cibergetrating: 10
September 7, 2005
good job
kuzabarating: 10
September 6, 2005
Cool Please Make Space Shuttle Takeoff Adventure D
davidw75rating: 10
September 5, 2005
Buzz Lightnning ready to go
starridderrating: 10
September 4, 2005
A Best shuttle I have ever downloaded. Everyone who was responsible for the parts that made up package did a good job and author put it all together really outdid himself.. assume Nick is him ... sorry if am wrong NICE WORK
xplaneriderrating: 10
September 4, 2005
This is excellent and fun adventure package. The person below that gave a rating of 1 obviously did to lower this add on from the top list. That bogus should be removed. I it 10 because so much more than just repaint. Aircraft do not usually come with awesome effects really cool abilities flight simulator does allow by default. Definitely keeper
Raisonrating: 10
September 4, 2005
Very straightforward VERY good
fishnpilotrating: 10
September 4, 2005
Great release. I only wish the 3D shuttle model was visually better made and had a VC.. that is not authors fault since he to work with old FS2k shuttle. use Nicks other effectsgauge releases this package has same quality attention detail as all his productions. Another excellent add on.
klondikerating: 10
September 4, 2005
Still the most fun for me even thought I made it. still have to deal with unexpected changes that take place. My favorite part is no crash bar on soft landings which microsoft should worked out better begin with.
robyn010rating: 10
September 3, 2005
sbuzzonerating: 10
August 31, 2005
knight1rating: 10
August 30, 2005
I actually saw and flew through the Southern Lights as opposed to Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis during Antarctica reentry flight. Incredible have heard that will show up in FS2004 but till today had never, ever seen it. It was like landing on another planet with a neon lit atmosphere tried same flight again did not see Borealis. must be some type of time delay. LOL This download is VERY cool Slid off end ice runway into water, crashbar appear... way coool, splash, wake... water splash sounds hull... AWESOME