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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
FS2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat. Accurate Gmax model with all parts animated; wheels, ailerons, rudder, steering, etc, virtual cockpit, Panel with integrated Aircraft Carrier catapult and Arresting gear and picturereal textures. VF-32 Swordsmen, VF-102 Diamondbacks and VF-103 Jolly Rogers versions. Original 3D Gmax model by Jeff Dobbing. Gauges Instruments developed and released as freeware by Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. Gmax model rework, textures, panel, etc. by Dino Cattaneo. PLUS FS2004 Scenery. HMNZS Waikato, Aircraft Carrier. Including scenery (AWAC, VTOL HARRIER, F18, Sea-King, Skyhawks) landable flight deck (carrier & escort), 4 escort craft, elevators, hangar deck, rotating radar Hornets, Hawkeye, Sea King on deck, navaids, refueling zone, nightlights, helipad, catapult fx. .. and much more.

Filesize: 33.49 MB | Added on: Aug 05, 2005 | Downloads: 31519

Users Reviews
FS2004 Grumman F-14B Tomcat. Rating: 8.51 of 10 over a total of 98 reviews.

fastflugrating: 10
November 22, 2018
Wonder why this addon is one of the most popular ever. It s simply outstanding
100003881322153-facebookrating: 8
April 7, 2013
This is a nice quality and free aircraft, I ve flown it really like it.
fc_00700013064529696371rating: 9
July 26, 2010
Great plane easy to fly and maneuverable. The carrier included makes this better.
redmastifrating: 8
March 12, 2010
PERFECT AIRCRAFT i give it an eight only because cant find the cruiser or figre out how to use tailhook launcher
rjsmithrating: 10
January 6, 2010
Nice textures, sound files, flight dynamics
biggsdarwinrating: 8
October 8, 2009
Thanks for all the effort Great Ride
jesusparedesrating: 9
April 28, 2009
eerrating: 7
March 19, 2009
I dont know why there is no GPS control for this F14.
maarten2rating: 10
December 21, 2008
A very nice plane, thanks guys
L337PIL07rating: 10
November 21, 2008
awsome add on definately worth the time downloading
yfzdanrating: 9
August 4, 2008
awesome aircraft and carrier but how do u use the elevator to get on ship deck.... email drtrcr Thanks, dan
buzugarating: 9
May 25, 2008
please could u tell me how to lower raise the lift cos im startin from bottom n dont know take off runway
ettuprating: 9
May 17, 2008
nail biting
pepeufrating: 10
April 4, 2008
flattopsrating: 9
March 8, 2008
F14 is excellent but the myflts file doesnt work. No carrier appears and catapult 1 4 has cessna at end. Carrier goes to default 152 Seattle Tacoma Slew mode a floating over ocean, no ship. I followed readme, twice still go for carrier. Help flattops
aanjayrating: 10
March 1, 2008
Rod1239rating: 4
February 22, 2008
Not good on computers but got it to run. I have the same problem as others with regards getting things cat and lift. Is there anyone that can let us all know what key commands are. Cheers
studlypuckrating: 8
January 20, 2008
PLEASE HELP. First of all, how do you catapult Second, lower hook for landing bvanauken
sgtommycrating: 8
December 29, 2007
Nice one, only missing 3D Cockpit, but having Catapult takeoff, and arrester landings everywhere is sooo nice, you eaven get a Carrier thrown in for free Navel picking Abillity to choose wich tank empty first, dumping external tanks, when empty, would be super nice. That cockpit make this perfect 10, since everything else seems work perfectly.
momoshakeelrating: 9
November 23, 2007
how do takeoff from the carrier email me at moizshakeel thanks
ferrocarrilesrating: 10
November 12, 2007
cool and full
willymk1rating: 10
September 19, 2007
very good
sahalinrating: 10
September 15, 2007
eedjfuzzyrating: 9
August 28, 2007
Inbrekerrating: 8
August 6, 2007
i think it wil be a very nice aircraft but takes pretty long to download
jake12345rating: 10
June 10, 2007
Very good download. The carrier looks great and the F 14 awesome. Though traffic doesn t seem very realistic it could help if they had sound, other than that this is one of best downloads out there.
887rating: 10
June 10, 2007
Good job.
jchammer66rating: 9
May 13, 2007
great cant get the cat and trap working. can someone email me at jc hammer666
sparsh_forating: 8
April 19, 2007
GUYS Ive tried downloading this jet several times but the download just stops in middle can someone send a private message about browser they used to
WR1993rating: 10
February 25, 2007
This is the most accurate, realistic, and best of all, FREE aircraft carrier, Tomcat download ever created A MUST HAVE FOR ALL FLIGHT SIM LOVERS
DiverAndyrating: 9
February 25, 2007
really great
freekyboiie245rating: 10
December 3, 2006
can someone message me and tell how to take off from the carrier.
Brentskirating: 9
November 17, 2006
By the way if your still woundering where aircraft carrier is it s in New Zealand close to aukland. Just start game on created flights.
sparkk10rating: 10
September 3, 2006
v good
Benjaminorating: 8
August 30, 2006
its all good but can someone email me and tell where the aircraft carier is for this addon, i dot know to look whitham25
flying_manrating: 9
August 20, 2006
I, like many others, cannot find the aircraft carrier. Other than that, plane is almost perfect. I just can t get afterburners to work. Great job This a must have.
Marky_brating: 9
August 6, 2006
its a good addon but i cant seem 2 find the carrier could someone tell me where it is
jak444rating: 7
July 28, 2006
Being new to flight sims this is the first add on that I actually got work. As such may be a little biased... military man myself just love fighter jets, and one pretty awesome. recommend you download it... it s fast
dgm444rating: 10
July 11, 2006
One of the best free wear downloads I have used. Fun and challenging
poseidonXX88rating: 9
July 8, 2006
I give it a 9 since out of everything that comes with this package. Only 1 thing isn t working is the afterburners. can go full throttle but no afterburner. The carrier dificult to land on, i wasn expecting be easy. P VERY NICE, love addon. don think ask for much more. Thank you, Chris
ssssssrating: 6
May 7, 2006
cockpit doesnt work does anyone know what the carrier is called i just cant find it in select location and how catapult please e mail me at hoetan satarian
craigtrating: 9
May 1, 2006
Awesome download, very realistic sound, easy to use, but quite difficult land on carrier deck which makes it more interesting, could be interactive with air traffic control. Overall rating must have
theodoros_melisrating: 10
April 26, 2006
This package is perfect.This have a realy good panel,a virtual cckpit,good sounds,and beauttiful textures.The carrier perfect to. 10
mariusparating: 8
April 1, 2006
very nice... but i can t get the cockpit to show.... and I think because of this trigger catapult. If anyone help please mail me... mrs pana Thank you much
launchpadrating: 7
March 27, 2006
The aircraft is nice. cockpit could use a little work since there no hud, airspeed indicator, vertical indicator artificial horizon basically nothing in the cockpit. Could be that I missread instructions. Also where do find carrier select my flights and am just dropped into water cessna.
pvjk91rating: 10
March 8, 2006
Very nice, at the first I could nt use catapult in beginning but it is great. And super sonic boom are exellent, scenery be better a big TEN. Very, very nice work.
fs2004nutflyerrating: 10
February 26, 2006
This is a really good addon senery. the plane looks awsome and senery to. i can t get elevaters ti work but oh well it best
flightpath510rating: 9
February 21, 2006
This is an awesome add on. The textures and the details are astounding. of a c carrier arent perfect, i found glitch. Its kind cheat code. catapult will fire anywhere, tailhook stop you in second even if your gear s up re going Mach 2. sonic boom that happens around 1.07 great, very realistic. Grumman makes great plane, this captures it perfectly P.S. Download it, its worth
RM_Phoenixrating: 9
February 17, 2006
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWW WWW Great flying Bird ,the only thing that does not work and I might be wrong about or have figured out yet is the arms how to get them fire ,,, for me would a solid 10
stevehinson1974rating: 6
February 16, 2006
carrierop.1146 is the best, developer helped me in tne minutes after I emailed him, was flying no time A upgrade over this version 1.0 Iit stiil great Thanks for it where eve you are.
camdograting: 9
January 20, 2006
One of the best add ons, I found carrier in area north auckland.
Eastern1823rating: 10
January 5, 2006
Man I love the F 14 but can someone tell me if carrier is supposed to show up on addon airport screen or did i do something wrong. If it isn t than where But besides that, plane sweet
doggydrating: 3
December 24, 2005
the file was corrupted
kawadude11rating: 9
December 23, 2005
from the looks of other comments, i am one few who actually got this thing to work. everything works fine too. only problem was that catupult worked anywhere, like even on a runway at ksea or something. same goes with tail hook.
tennmannrating: 10
November 30, 2005
You guys are the best.It s people like you with extraordinary talent who make FLT SIMMING SO MUCH FUN. GREAT JOB TEAM . Keep up good work. Youre sim friend JEFF SMITH contact me at jhrsmith
Deckyrating: 10
November 27, 2005
I usually don t go for military aircraft, but this one is a must any flight simmer. just loved it from the minute installed it. am actually thinking of ways to connect toggle switches can activater catipult and hook manually. Wonder would allow an interface with FSUIPC love
supermikerating: 10
November 20, 2005
great plane. you or somebody should try and make an EA 6 Prowler with this level of quality, now that would be awesome. but keep up the good job.
craigmcarating: 9
November 17, 2005
GPS is Shift 4. I still haven t got the carrier to show up anywhere in any of ways everyone has mentioned. first followed installation instructions exactly. That didn work. So, tried putting scenery and texture files into file then that add on activated it library. Still no anywhere. Any more ideas
davscorating: 9
November 13, 2005
Good work only one problem how the hell do you take off from carrier cant get elevators working etc etc. If anyone knows to this please email me dave30 Thanks Dave
Doougalassrating: 9
October 27, 2005
I love this model The only minor problem is they are all blue instead of silver. know there s a better repaint around here somewhere. can t seem to get the carrier flights work. Oh well, still plane, like new tailhook feature Good Work
psychopathic1978rating: 9
October 26, 2005
awesome quality think i need to reload though crashes when use the catapult and hit mach 1 in tomcat, but just put files wrong location, good job especially with virtual cockpit.
dorv45rating: 5
October 2, 2005
either i havent download this wright or cant find the aircraft carrier. can any body help contact me at jgeorgeson221 thanks
nightmarerating: 8
October 1, 2005
great plane seanery BUT are the ships elevators supposed to work and if so how fuel pump it,s there but its inactive is it operate If anyone has got these operating please let rest of us know I,ve loaded end deleted many times see I can get no avail MIKE HELP
aoratarating: 10
September 30, 2005
EXELENT, very nice plane. The person who made it please explain how to use the carrier or give us your email IMPORTANT
nuky_drating: 10
September 27, 2005
i know how to work the catapult ok so taxi f 14 onto rail thingy,the on top left croner of cockpit ull c a little box thingy with arm,act and number it,when ur click act button BOOM uve been launched PS u can addjust launch power by clicking 995 is max
ak9027rating: 10
September 26, 2005
Very nice.... best Download for me yet. if you have trouble downloading this file go to they it there and its a faster connection. i think is very good addon. recomend download it. PS make sure put ALL the files in right places or wont get feeling of how really once again nice addon Great job
justwanttodownloadrating: 8
September 23, 2005
Now that is a great peice of work even tho i cant seem to get the freaking elevators everthing else perfect and for those people figure out how f 14 load on aircaft carrier hit ALT then go select aircraft after you start with cessna .... ohh if any1 finds please add comment this list or email me at my REAL adress coolguy11092
riptide22rating: 8
September 22, 2005
beautiful carrier how do you get the catipult to work
charlieencinosarating: 8
September 9, 2005
excellent add on. The plane responds nicely. Took awhile to figure out where the files go. Also not well documented on use of catapult, but once youre in airplane, hit shift 1. there a will be catapult activation button, up your left, just above hud. click this, you may also adjust speed which launch. then period release brake, activate. full throttle or need life jacket. this is area drop hook. hold mouse over buttions, pop explain their various uses. down below hud lower panel meat ball button. very useful. It backlit and has number 7. thing flies great get thru setting it up.
schoemrating: 9
September 7, 2005
Great plane My Nav does not work. If you click on it should take the flightplan right I but Hdg also stays on. Even if put off over. Help edschoeman
bjw3rating: 10
September 3, 2005
The best plane, flys good and fast only if you install it correct
trailrated19rating: 9
August 28, 2005
I FOUND IT go to airport NZNE and fly on a hdg of 010 from the apt. adf freq is 232.0 this only works if you put all right floders in places happy gaming
th3ch0s3n1rating: 8
August 25, 2005
it looks good, and the plane flies rele great, but i cant get arresting wires to work, even w tailhook down, how do you thecatapults work plz send me a message
jahnj13rating: 7
August 24, 2005
I like the F14 Model, although swing wings are a little choppy on my system. It would be great if someone modify aircraft so that function automatically real F14. Would love to have directions for carrier add on, guess everyone has complained about already. Overall give it 7 with possibility of improvement.
fernandocerejorating: 9
August 24, 2005
fantastic download i recommen it just wish some1 would tell me how to use the catapult mean come on u mugs post messages about great is right under another of saying do you AT LEAST EXPLAIN HOW YOU DID IT JESUS CHRIST LOL its very easy instlal if dont understand need some help my friend.
7e7-2005rating: 5
August 21, 2005
One can t find the carrier and I get plane to fly without fs quiting.
Andy_rating: 5
August 19, 2005
It all looks great but I cannot get off the lift. How do you work lift on carrier help
Chuckabobrating: 8
August 16, 2005
The plane flies great Super job. It would be helpful to have instructions on how use the carrier I can t figure it out. flights that come with are only for a Cessna, and out launch or any of effects. Also get an F14 carrier.
philliprgrating: 6
August 15, 2005
The planes are greatly done. For some reason I can,t get the aircraft carrier to come up. Not sure what here. Wish author of this art work would be proud enough give his email so we could contact him and figure out. Seems like installation better explained. Very good on planes.
Isaiah83rating: 8
August 14, 2005
Nice download However, I can not figure out how to raise the elevator on deck. Anybody have any suggestions Other than that, very well done.
Retcoprating: 6
August 12, 2005
I have rated it 6 because the F14 looks great. installed and is showing with all my other aircraft. However when press fly now get a Microsoft Error Message. cannot seem to thing fly, just locks computer. Suggestions am Windows XP Home FS2004 A century of Flight .
biggjoe_2rating: 9
August 12, 2005
Awsome download. installed with no problems. the carrier is gggreat and tomcat as well, flies extremely well. it very frame rate friendly, even on my little system. a must have in book
Richardballrating: 7
August 11, 2005
Nice Addon. Would be better if the catapult functions were in VC, i have to keep switching from 2D then VC for launch. Is it possible use lifts go below deck Landing is next imposible. To slow you crash, fast miss ship. I nose dive into cables land, and even its a crash landing. Still trying might get hang of it. Good download though recomend
flyinghare01rating: 8
August 10, 2005
keep this level of quality
guestrating: 9
August 10, 2005
Nice Plane good Virtual model
mpmccarthyrating: 9
August 10, 2005
I had some difficulty in organizing the files and then getting F14 to be actually placed on deck of carrier. However, once did realized radios were already tuned it helped. do find data display top screen a bit bothersome. The installation instructions could clarified better, especially for an experienced simmer like me, but one who has never loaded flight from this type situation couple false starts. This comment refers carrier only. F14s are extremely well done really nice fly. It might helpful explain how uses catapult puts aircraft into full afterburner. plumes steam almost look columns. Possibly they deleted. Generally great addon even person me. Michael McCarthy
J912JB9rating: 10
August 9, 2005
Once I found out where the flight file was located at startup , just shooting landings, and a crap load of touch go s The name is when you into screen, under select flight, then choose category, myflts, down below in make your selection, rest history buddy. m really impressed that can finally be catapulted off carrier. This so sweet, thank for all hard work effort us to enjoy, GREAT JOB
pietervrating: 8
August 9, 2005
The plane is excellent but wished it had some gps, and other hiding icons
z3hornetrating: 10
August 9, 2005
This is a great download. It flys and the effects are awesome. So far it best plane I ve downloaded.
andrewgodlemanrating: 8
August 7, 2005
Good looking carrier and the Tomcat fiies well , It all looks good catapult cables for landing work perfectly. first flight in my flights only takes me to default start fs2004 i have never seen a cessna on deck. worth time download such large file. Thanks
chedclarorating: 9
August 7, 2005
I m giving this a 9 because the aircraft is so nice to fly. Smooth and responsive looks good too The carrier scenery great fun landing just enough of challenge, though bet that real thing lot harder. Took couple goes load it but got there in end. Well worth effort. Many thanks all those who developed it.
Damnspiffrating: 7
August 7, 2005
This is an excellent package... the models are gantastic, and handling superb. Minor bugs in included flight files... but still a very solid addition to any FS ensemble. Way too fun
lama1948rating: 8
August 7, 2005
deltaromeomissionmanrating: 6
August 6, 2005
Fantastic model, better than car2004a because it has aircraft on the deck loses out once you get more about 30 miles away from or don t load ur flight its deck...the carrier mysteriously raises above ocean surface and landing becomes a raised section of ocean...a bad bug. SOLUTION d l Fsdome, as well counterparts rcbco20 rcbco up will have 12 fully functioning carriers around world with no bugs yaaayy
8492rating: 4
August 5, 2005
mad-paddyrating: 8
August 5, 2005
Fantastic download. Only problem is my F14 only takes off from the hanger and when landing it drops deck into again...otherwise, GREAT
missilerating: 10
August 5, 2005
very good
Blondie_boyrating: 8
August 5, 2005
A great add on I did not have any trouble with downloading.